This iconic Parisian structure influenced the decor for the reception- and it’s not the Eiffel Tower!

Paris is for lovers. Part of romantic myth thanks to music, films, books and ecstatic visitors, it captures the imagination and it’s a wealth of motifs for wedding planners and designers. Whether you want to evoke the Parisien jardin, the Eiffel Tower, its boulevards or architecture, the city is popping up as romantic elements in Indian sangeet and reception decor.

Thus leading, WeddingSutra Favorite – Marriage Colours to take their Paris themed reception decor a notch higher.

decor for the reception

decor for the reception

While the Louvre is housed in a beautiful castle, it is the glass and metal pyramid at its entrance that is now synonymous with the world’s largest gallery. A Parisian landmark, it fascinated Marriage Colors who recreated its magic in the homely town of Thiruthani in Tamil Nadu. The team let the pyramid influence the stage design for the reception. Set against a gigantic floral backdrop, the glass triangle was a structure was made more ornate with floral baubles and a regal sofa underneath for the couple.

decor for the reception

It was fitting for a grand reception that hosted over 6,000 guests! The embodiment of luxury and opulence, this symbol of Parisian culture went beautifully alongside the rich traditional aesthetic of a typical Tamil temple pandal with chandeliers and torans. The piece de resistance were the LEDs that immersed the venue in a 4D visual extravaganza, a novel experience for all the guests.

decor for the reception

The Wedding Makers
Location: Thiruthani, Tamil Nadu
Decor: Marriage Colours

Photography: Althea Wedding Portraits & Films

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