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Ilesha Kharbanda’s fun-filled Bachelorette in Dubai

Double-trouble and twice as nice! Bride-to-be Ilesha Kharbanda managed to plan a bachelorette-duet with her best friend when they clubbed their celebrations together. She took their girl squad out on the town to Dubai to sail on a private yacht, enjoy many brunches and really celebrate the end of their singledom in ritzy Dubai!


As soon as Ilesha got engaged, visions of an ultimate bachelorette bash began to form in her mind. She’d always wanted a laid-back celebration with her closest friends before she tied the knot and the time had finally arrived, “We were hell-bent on planning my bachelorette from day one and my engagement was the perfect excuse for us to go on a trip together.”


While Ilesha was shortlisting destinations, her bestie Priyanka called with some excellent news and the perfect coincidence! Priyanka had just been engaged, Ilesha grins, “It was such a great moment! She’s getting married in February and I am in March.” The plan spelled itself out, “We felt it would be perfect to club our bachelorettes together.” But to where?

“We wanted to go to a destination which is easily accessible travel-wise and also didn’t have major visa hassles,” Ilesha remembers. Shining like a glitzy diamanté in the desert, Dubai made perfect sense as a destination – glamor, luxury, the girls could relax and let their hair down. It also made sense practically, she says, ”Commuting in Dubai is very convenient and we felt it fit our bill perfectly,”


Ilesha is super organized and planned the five-day trip on her own. The trip would involve a motley crew of her own cousins, friends and Priyanka’s friends and she wanted to make sure everyone had a super time. The itinerary was perfect, “We set a day for a particular experience; sailing on a private yacht, enjoying a decadent brunch at Sass Café, organizing the ultimate bachelorette night at White Club… We made sure we enjoyed each unique moment to the fullest.

But amidst these starry nights, it was their late night hotel room conversations that connected the girls at a deeper level. “It was emotional for all of us. In these five days, we got so close to each other; from buying groceries to trying out the best local food, it was one experience that I will cherish forever,” Ilesha smiles.


Ilesha even gifted personalized wine glasses to each of her bridesmaids as a symbol of their undying friendship. “It was my way of showing gratitude and love to the best girls in my life,” the bride-to-be beams!


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