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Immersed in romance, this underwater wedding proposal at Atlantis The Palm in Dubai was breathtaking!

A perfect example of an arranged marriage giving a head start to love Aayushi Shah and Sushant Doshi’s wedding proposal at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai was filled to the brim with romance that one usually expects to see in a Bollywood movie. Giving one stunning views of the Dubai coastline, Atlantis, The Palm is the ideal spot to mark new beginnings.
Brimming with adventure, romance, and impeccable hospitality, this resort ticks every box to orchestrate a dreamy proposal.

And, that is exactly what Sushant did! From surprising Aayushi by accompanying her to her bachelorette in Dubai to popping the question underwater, Sushant left no stone unturned in his quest to ensure that his to-be bride got the romantic proposal she had always dreamed of.

How They Met
Aayushi shares, “Sushant and me first met in a typical arranged marriage setup where we both clicked instantly. However, at that stage we were still confused so he decided to go back to the USA while I stayed in India. But as fate would have it, he did come back again to India and we coincidentally met at a common friend’s wedding where sparks really flew between us this time. After a couple of dates, we both were clear that this was it!”

Even though the duo had already agreed to tie the knot and was busy etching out the final details of their wedding, Aayushi had previously conveyed to Sushant that she had always wanted a dreamy proposal from her future husband. Knowing how important this was to her, he quickly put a plan in motion to take her by surprise and make her dream come true! Aayushi recollects, “I had told Sushant about my wish for a romantic and grand proposal but at that time he had laughed it off and I’d accepted that I may never get a proper proposal out of him. But he never forgot!

It started off as I left for my bachelorette in Dubai with my best friends in tow, and Sushant gallantly accompanied me to drop us off at the airport. Upon reaching the airport, he told me that he’d be accompanying me to Dubai in order to attend a conference! Although I was a tad bit disappointed, I was glad that he would keep me company. After a fun-filled flight, we reached Atlantis, The Palm where my girlfriends and I were all geared up to have the time of our lives! Sushant surprised me again by meeting me at the hotel and told me that he just wanted to spend some time with me before he took off to Mumbai again. Happy, that I had him to myself all day, we indulged ourselves at Atlantis, The Palm where we took in the beautiful sights and reveled in luxury. However, little did I know that he still had a wild card hidden up his sleeve!

As Sushant and I both had always wanted to go scuba diving, we took the plunge, literally, and booked a session for the same at Atlantis, The Palm. Soon, both of us dressed up in our wetsuits, dived underwater and enjoyed the brilliance and the beauty of the aquatic life that surrounded us. Next thing I know, Sushant is on his knee and holding up a placard with the question ‘Will you marry me, Aayushi?’ At that moment, I was absolutely lost for words and couldn’t believe the lengths he went to orchestrate this! After a breathless ‘yes!’ from my side, he quickly whipped out a ring and I hugged him. It remains one of the most precious moments of my life till date.”

Venue: Atlantis, The Palm
Jewelry: Milana Kreations

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