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Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s a groom parasailing into his wedding!

Marriages are made in heaven and so Kumar descended from the skies for his.

About Eliya and Kumar
Kumar is a UK businessman who met Mumbai’s Eliya while she pursued a Masters at Anglia Ruskin University. They fell in love in London and then Kumar flew to India one New Year’s Eve to ask for her hand in marriage. And so their destination wedding had to be in Goa…

The wedding on the 9th of February 2016 was conceptualized by Kumar and Eliya and executed by Dias Events, Goa. It featured classic beachy decorations, colourful guest tents, a gorgeous mandap, coconut water refreshments and barrels of beer!

Kumar wanted to make an entry befitting his nature – a guy who lives life to the fullest – and so he decided to parasail straight into the venue as family and friends danced to the beats of the dhol.

The bidaai was equally dramatic. This videsi dilwala whisked away his desi dulhaniya in a speed boat. Truly God”Speed”!

Entry 1

paraglide 1

Entry 5

Exit 1

paraglide 3

paraglide 2

Photos Courtesy- Varsha & Vivek of Pixelgaze Photography

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