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Jewellery is the Centre Piece at an Indian Wedding

Jewellery Designer Maheep Kapoor in conversation with Jaspreet Soni

Known for creating magic with precious metals, Maheep’s personality resonates in every jewellery design she creates. In an exclusive interview with WeddingSutra.com, the jewellery designer discusses her passion and relationship with the gems.

Maheep Kapoor will be exhibiting her new collection at Araaish on Monday, 22nd October.

WeddingSutra is proud to be associated with Araaish as the Online Partner

What is the new collection you are working on? And where are you exhibiting currently?
I am working on a collection of jhumkas which I am pretty excited about. Apart from private viewing exhibitions, I am also associated with Araaish which has a cause that is very close to my heart.

How do you think Jewellery trends have changed over the years?
We always talk about trends but since jewellery lasts much longer than clothes, most brides and families still prefer to buy classic elegant pieces. They can be big or small, for weddings or other occasions but something that should stand the test of time. That’s what my clients look for when they approach me. Re-usability and that combination of comfort and elegance is all-important as far as I am concerned. If I make a piece of jewellery, it is something that I would want myself as well as my daughter to wear.

In India, many brides buy jewellery from traditional jewelers while a few get it designed by Jewellery designers.
A women’s attitude and personality is reflected in the jewellery that she wears. A jewellery designer, suggests and designs based on how you articulate what you want, or what she thinks will look great on you, a designer gives you ideas not only about the jewellery but about your outfit and accessories too. In my personal opinion, the big mistake most brides make is to buy the outfit first and the jewellery next. Jewellery is the centerpiece and not the other way round. Most brides do get excited when they see a lovely wedding outfit, and decide to buy it before figuring out the jewellery bit. But as maturity sets in, they realize that jewellery is something that will remain relevant and more wearable for many years. So it definitely needs more attention and care in selection.

How would you define Maheep Kapoor designs?
Vintage yet sophisticated. I also like to have a free hand with emeralds and rubies that Indian women carry off well. I am very interested in Indian Jewellery art that dates back to the Mughal era and I think we have enough inspiration in our culture to stir the imagination and recreate that aura. Earlier this year, I launched a collection of Chand balis (Nizami influence) that became hugely popular and that is proof enough that we love beautiful craftsmanship and vintage styling.

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