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Make your gift special with Forest Essentials

Delight your guests with an unforgettable gift set from Forest Essentials this wedding and festive season.

As the year comes to a close, the bright lights shine on the beautiful people starting the countdown to the festive and wedding season. This year, why not plan to make the gifting rituals extra special with sophisticated, luxury gift sets that also make you look gorgeous? Forest Essentials offers exquisite gift sets, pre-packaged or made to order that will take your guests’ breath away. WeddingSutra picks their six favorite gift sets perfect for festive presents and wedding favors.

Festive Gifting Surprise
Forest Essentials sings an ode to a legendary beauty with their Noor Jahan collection inspired by the beauty rituals of the Queen herself. Personifying her strength, elegance and natural loveliness, this specialized collection is a tribute to timeless grace.

1. Noor Pure Indulgence
A hand-picked assortment of facial care products guaranteed to make the skin supple and glowing, the box comes equipped with Forest Essentials’ bestselling products – Mashobra Honey, Lemon and Rosewater facial cleanser, steam distilled Pure Rosewater tonic mist, Aloe Vera and Sandalwood sunscreen, a deeply nourishing organic fruit facial scrub, Sandalwood cream and a luscious Narangi lip balm to finish the ultimate face care ritual.
Priced at INR 1875

Noor Pure Indulgence.

2. Afreen perfumed bath ritual

Crafted in tones of buttery yellow and blue-grey, adorned with stunning Mughal motifs, the Afreen Perfumed Bath Ritual box is beautiful on the outside and inside! Inspired by the heat and colors of summer, this collection of bath and body care is meant to leave you feeling refreshed and hydrated. It contains a Silkening Shower Wash, Body Mist, Bath and Shower Oil, Handmade Soap and their famous – Velvet Silk Body Cream to give modern day beauties an erstwhile Mughal – inspired beauty bath experience.
Priced at INR 4200


3. Kashmiri Nargis Bath Ritual
Here’s the perfectly created bath ritual that will leave your guests happily grateful. Open the Forest Essentials’ Bath Care Ritual Box and breathe in the seductive, heavenly aroma of the Kashmiri Nargis that will take you back to the Valley of Flowers. Guests will find the Ultra Rich Body Lotion, Body Mist, Luxury Sugar Soap and Shower Butter creating a scented aura fit for royalty.
Priced at INR 3575

Nargis Kit.

4. Vaishnavi De Stress Therapy
Gift your friends the perfect souvenir that guarantees harmony and a more relaxed self. The Forest Essentials De Stress Therapy box comes equipped with a Tranquil Sleep and Stress Relief oils which is an incredible blend of the finest steam distilled pure essential oils that is useful in bringing an emotional balance between the body and mind.
Priced at INR 1650


5. Jasmine Cologne Intense
A scent is the perfect gift to give your friends during this festive season and what better than Forest Essentials Jasmine Cologne Intense. The fragrance is made out of the sweetest and the most exotic variety of jasmine which is called ‘Mograand’ and is grown in southern India. Its flowers are carefully harvested at dawn when its fragrance is supposed to be at its peak, leaving with the best jasmine fragrance that will linger all through the day.
Priced at INR 3200


6. Aarzoo Scented Facial Care Kit
Spoil your guests with a pre-set assortment of facial products enriched with natural skin beautifying ingredients such as Mashobra Honey, Lemon and Rosewater Facial Cleanser and steam distilled Pure Rosewater Toner that will ensure their skin remains healthy, flawless and glowing!
Price on Request


To know more about other Forest Essentials Gifting Boxes and to place an order, please write to diviya@forestessentialsindia.com.

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