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Monsoon Style Tips by Designer Soojata Kothari

Everyone loves to dress at their best for a wedding. But what do you do if the weather is hot and humid? Bridal wear specialist Soojata Kothari lists some must-knows and must-avoids.

Fabrics and Colors

Velvets, thick silks, heavy brocades are a no-no as they don’t allow the body to cool. Pick georgettes, chiffon, net, crepe brocade or lace in light and pastel shades.

Brocades, satin, spun silk and velvet in dark colors are perfect for winter.


Avoid over-the-top diamante work or creations with heavy zardozi and big stones. Pick creations with small Swarovski stones, kardana, aari (fine zari) and kundan work.


Go for free flowing ensembles, preferably with one layer. If you’re wearing a fitted ensemble choose a fabric that is softer, to avoid allergies.

Grooming, Accessories and Fragrances

1. Always use a talcum powder before you use a deodorant and before you wear a heavy saree or grand ensemble. Wear the powder/ deodorant or perfume on your clean skin only and never apply it on an expensive outfit.

2. If you’re getting a sleeved outfit ask the designer to fit sweat-pads. Else make sure you buy sweat-pads (now available at most large departmental stores in India)

3. Always dry-clean the outfit after you wear it for the first time. This is because the outfit has passed through several hands, before it is delivered to you.

4. Avoid lots of flower on the hair or heavy eye-shadow and make-up.

5. Pick lighter jewellery for the neck, so you feel comfortable, and can avoid any possible skin allergy.

Soojata Kothari’s studio is in Khar, Mumbai. She specialises in custom-made Bridal wear and also offers Personal Shopping services. She can be reached on 9820072979.

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