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Myrah presents the Bridal Pathway. A bouquet of services for the Bride to Be

Myrah the spa at Juhu, Mumbai has a new offering for Brides To Be- the New Royal Aura Bridal Pathway. A Bride To Be can take the luxurious package 6 months, 3 months or even one month before her wedding. The Bridal Pathway comprises of body toning massages, exfoliation body wraps, facials and bath soaks, with each and every service spelling luxury, decadence and healing benefits.

The Bridal Pathway starts with a Total Detox Journey along with the Detox Massage which will help her get rid of all the toxins and re-mineralize the skin. Next would be to Destress the body with the Sports massage or the Royal Aura Signature Massage. This can be followed by exotic Body polishes like the Silken Sheen Diamond Polish or the luxurious Amber & Caviar Body Peeling to de-tan and even the skin tone. The indulgence continues with hydrating envelopments like Hibiscus & Caviar or Jasmine & Caviar which helps in hydrating the skin with the beneficial ingredients from plants and flowers. The Facials include- The Royal Oxygen Facial for dehydrated skin or the Diamond Aura Facial and a Vitamin C Facial to maintain a healthy skintone. The journey continues with Queen’s Divinity bath where rose petals and milk are used to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin and a foot reflexology massage.

Ace Makeup Artist Bianca spoke to WeddingSutra about Myrah’s new offering: “As a makeup artist, I believe every face that I work on needs a flawless Canvas, Myrah assists me in achieving the same.” While she recommends the Wedding Pathway as a must-experience for brides/ grooms what is her suggestion for others seeking a rejuvenating experience at Myrah? “Eclat instant is a revolutionary facial care product and only available @Myrah spa Juhu. This is what I recommend before any makeup or makeover is done.”

11 Palm Springs Society, J.V.P.D Scheme, Mumbai 49
022-26253968 / 4243, 26704686 / 782

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