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News from Wedding Planners – Divya Chadha and Neha Arora

Divya Chadha resigns from 360 Degrees; sets up her own event management company. Neha Arora resigns as Director (Events) of Grand Hyatt.

Divya Chadha worked in the wedding division of 360 Degrees, the event management arm of The Times Group.  She is setting up her own event management company. Neha Seth who worked as the Director (Events) of Grand Hyatt earlier worked as Associate Director (events) at Hyatt Regency.

Divya lived in London before she relocated to India in 2007. She talks about her rich experience at 360 degrees: “One of my very first brides’ in Bombay was an NRI client from Lagos. I spent close to 10 hours a day, 6 days a week for 3 months at my clients’ residence until we flew to Udaipur where the wedding was held.  The week before the wedding I was spending about 14 hours a day at their residence.  It’s not an easy task because one gets involved in the day-to-day family affairs when working in such close proximity with a client”.

One of the projects that she holds close to her heart is a merger of two hearts– a New York bride and a Mumbai groom. Divya says: “We had planned an elaborate Sangeet function which would, in turn, become a Family Awards ceremony similar to that of Filmfare Awards! I recall endless hours going over the MC’s script and collaborating costumes for all the family and friends to wear for their dance sequences.  One of the lighter moments involved hunting around the city for the multi-color skirt that Madhuri Dixit had worn for  her famous ‘ek do teen’ song so we could use it as part of the sangeet!”

Divya is now busy with managing wedding projects in Delhi, Mumbai, and Jalandhar: She says: “The first wedding will take place in mid-December in Goa.  The theme of this mixed caste wedding involves a Zen Buddha Lounge for the Cocktails followed by a very contemporary mix for the Reception.  The Mumbai wedding is for a Marwari family and will follow a more traditional décor for the home functions; the engagement & sangeet will have a contemporary design.  The wedding in Jalandhar is for an NRI Sikh Punjabi couple and has a Bollywood theme for the Sangeet and a Royal theme for the main reception.”

For a change, Neha Seth is attending weddings and not organizing weddings. Between Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Regency Neha has handled over 500 weddings.  She got married to Chetan Arora (the Subway man), last year and after a very hectic year at work in 2009, she decided to quit her plum job at Grand Hyatt to spend time pursuing her leisure pursuits.

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