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Nutritionists Across India Spill the Secrets for a Healthy Routine Ahead of Your Wedding!

Getting in shape is on every single bride and groom’s pre-wedding to-do list. But with a routine bustling with wedding preps, it may be hard to make the time. Still, you want to start your new journey feeling fit and fabulous and you want to look great in your photos too. A diet that energizes and re-vitalizes is imperative and nothing beats having an expert planning it out for you.

We asked Bangalore based Nutritionist & Food Coach – Anupama Menon, Celebrity Nutritionist – Suman Agarwal, Health Writer and Weight Management Consultant – Kavita Devgan and Mumbai based Dr. Vishakha Shivdasani who specializes in medicine, lifestyle, and nutrition for their expertise.

Nutritionists Tips

From how to de-stress from the ‘wedding’ to managing a healthy eating regime despite the whirlwind, these four health and nutrition experts tell you how to look and feel great on your wedding day.

1. How to get fit for your wedding?
Anupama Menon adds, “You need your strength and energy to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. Exercise necessitates the right diet to heighten its benefits. Invest in an expert who will make sure you’re on the right path to a healthful lifestyle.”

Dr. Vishakha Shivdasani recommends that its a good idea to consult a nutritionist before making major lifestyle changes. “If you’re hoping to get toned for your wedding, realistically, I would recommend you consult a nutritionist 12 weeks in advance. This is so you can get your diet in check and focus on certain areas, with correct technique and form.”

While exercise is essential, Suman Aggarwal is here to emphasize on understanding eating patterns and health issues in advance. She shares, “Brides need to know that not eating will not help them lose weight. Here, we streamline everything – understanding eating patterns and health issues and help brides set up a healthy regime well in advance. It’s all about maintaining your weight and muscle definition, keeping track of your diet and not overdoing the training sessions.”

Kavita Devgan further adds on how to shed the extra pounds, She says, “Get rid of the extra pounds by all means but keep the focus on ‘optimising’ your weight. To cut the bloat, stop eating junk food. Tone down the sugar and salt. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Water hydrates the body, helps the kidneys remove waste and the liver to detoxify and that helps knock off extra weight faster.”

Nutritionists Tips on Healthy Diet

2. What should you eat? To diet or not to diet?
Suman Agarwal adds, “Healthy eating ensures quicker results. A balanced diet rendered over three meals a day with a healthy snack between each meal is perfect.”

“Whole grain cereals consumed especially at night will keep your energy stores compliant and sleep optimal. Include proteins in every meal but mainly at night and at breakfast. Watch the clock and eat before you get too hungry. Wait too long and the hunger hormone Ghrelin rises to dangerous levels and leaves you feeling like you need to eat a restaurant! It’s a simple trick completely worth a try”, explains Anupama.

Dieting is important but so is keeping stress levels down. Dr. Vishakha explains, “You have to enjoy yourself, especially on your wedding day. I always advise eating healthy with the odd treat plus staying active. This means doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym every day but walking and meditating to keep your stress levels down. Try to incorporate fewer carbs and you’ll find yourself feeling lighter and have more energy naturally.”

3. Supplements – Yay or Nay?
When it comes to wellness supplements, Dr. Vishakha strongly recommends multi-vitamins. “Pre-wedding wellness supplements like multi-vitamins, B12, D3 are really great and ideal for brides focused on healthy weight loss and cleansing, detoxifying and boosting the metabolism whereas Magnesium alleviates stress and help you sleep.”

Anupama adds, “Supplements are like little doses of an elixir that is supplemental and restorative in nature. Vitamin D, Zinc, B12, probiotics (for those suffering from gas and flatulence), spirulina, wheatgrass, and ginseng are wonderful supplements for men but must be used only as per need and at the medical discretion of your general practitioner.”

Suman advice brides to take supplements depending on their health needs. “We suggest supplements that help digestion, immunity depending on their health needs. We advise some brides to take supplements to help nourish hair growth since your hair suffers the most when you are stressed.”

Nutritionists Tips on Supplements

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