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Planning a Honeymoon in Jordan? Read on to find out why it’s on our Favorites List!

Jordan is a land where ancient history and a rich culture meet the modern world in a landscape defined by natural marvels.

The country has no dearth of unique experiences to offer to couples who are looking to travel off the beaten path.

From flavorful food and pleasant weather to enchanting vistas and an abundance of resorts across categories, the Hashemite kingdom has it all and more. A gateway to one-of-a-kind sights that can only be found here, Jordan, truly makes for a destination unlike any other.

We recommend these five must-do activities for a memorable romantic vacation or a honeymoon in Jordan.

Camp inside the Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum, whose stark landscape makes it Earth’s answer to Mars, offers the most extraordinary desert vistas. Surrounded by windswept mountains that arise from burnt orange sands, the region is marked by several moods that are dictated by the changing angles of the sun. However, under cover of the night, the place welcomes breathtaking celestial sights. The dark sky provides a brilliant backdrop for romance and we guarantee you will be inspired to snuggle together under the stars and look at constellations or even witness shooting stars.

JordanPhoto Courtesy: Lighthouse Photography

JordanPhoto Courtesy: Hayley Andersen

Unwind at the Dead Sea
The lowest point on the planet may become the highest point of your trip. A soothing float in the hypersaline lake called the Dead Sea is a perfect way to relax with your partner by your side. Its mineral-rich waters are considered rejuvenating and healing for assorted ailments. Visitors will find several luxury properties dotting the lake’s shores, eager to welcome them for a stay steeped in tranquillity and bliss.


JordanPhoto Courtesy: Daniel Notcake

Dive into an Aqaba Adventure
With over 30 diving sites, Aqaba is a dream come true for couples who share a love for the wonders of the underwater world. The Red Sea has always attracted diving and snorkeling enthusiasts with its vibrant coral gardens and fish. However, the captivating sea-life can be witnessed even by casual swimmers at Aqaba. Additionally, the beach makes for a pretty spot to lounge at and relax after a refreshing dip in the sea.


Discover the past at Jerash
Dip your toes in history while exploring the Roman ruins in the Middle Eastern city of Jerash. Founded by Alexander the Great, the Greco-Roman metropolis comprises paved and colonnaded streets, soaring hilltop temples, regal theatres, spacious public squares, plazas, baths, fountains and city walls dotted with towers and gates. However, that’s not all, The Jerash Heritage Company puts up performances of the Roman army and chariots to showcase their battle techniques and philosophy.


Explore Ancient History at Petra
The steep sandstone terrain of the ancient Nabatean city of Petra is mesmerizing from all angles. The ancient rose-hued town includes the imposing carved facade of the Al Khazneh monument, and numerous other structures. Petra is one of the seven wonders of the world, and was the location for the ‘Indiana Jones’ film shoot. So relive an adventure here or bask in the magical glow of 1800 candles which lights up the ancient marvel as night falls. Petra under the stars makes for one of the most memorable and romantic destinations and an early morning hike into the city’s many mysterious corners is also a highly recommended activity.


JordanPhoto Courtesy: Daniel Notcake

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