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“Private Wedding? Ain’t no such thing!” say Top Wedding Planners

India’s top luxury wedding planners on why there is no such thing as a very private wedding!

Until very recently, many high profile couples chose to keep their weddings super private. Professional vendors like photographers were asked to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements) while guests were politely requested not to share photographs on public platforms and social media.

But suddenly, things changed.

“What’s your wedding hashtag?” is usually one of the first questions guests ask. “Do you actually expect me to not share any pictures of your beautiful wedding on Instagram?” is a popular refrain.

And well beyond the reach of Facebook and Instagram, guests at recent celebrity weddings have even forwarded videos on WhatsApp that then do the rounds.

So can grand celebrations at beautiful locations hosting hundreds of guests ever enjoy watertight privacy? We asked some of India’s top luxury wedding planners.

1. Bhavnesh Sawhney, Wedniksha
“A ‘social media ban’ at a wedding may have been attainable a few years ago, but today it is almost impossible. Most of our clients want absolute privacy when it comes to the wedding but they also understand that guests love taking photographs of an incredible ceremony and are resigned to the fact that such requests can no longer be made.”

Top Wedding Planners

2. Aarti Manocha, Milestones to Memories
It has become so instinctive and a habit for most people to click special moments and immediately share them on their social media. Of course, there are exceptions like many of our high profile clients who don’t share photos of their own wedding on Facebook or Instagram. Having said that, even such couples also understand that there is no way your wedding can stay totally private.”

Top Wedding Planners

3. Kainaz Sethna, Seven Steps of 70 EMG.
“We manage intimate or large celebrations for couples around the world. Many of our clients are fiercely protective of their privacy, even if there are over a 1000 guests. Quite often, what guests share is beyond their control. All those involved with the wedding be it the Wedding Planner, Decorator, Photographer, Makeup Artist, Choreographer are given instructions not to share any photos on the days of the celebrations, or only a select few much after the wedding is over. We are extremely sensitive to, and protect our clients’ need for privacy, for as long as we are asked to”.

Top Wedding Planners

4. Rachna Chadha, BAQAA Glamour Weddings & Events
“Requesting guests not to share photos on social media is a tall order, and in my opinion, unachievable. To ensure that not a single person from your guest list shares not even a single picture will only be possible if you confiscate everyone’s phones for the duration of your celebrations. And to do that may be considered not graceful.”

Top Wedding Planners

5. Hemal Solanki, Weddings by Mercury
“There’s perhaps only one way you can keep your wedding private: invite less than 50 people! Today, social media is a part of our lives and if it’s a large gathering, a complete ban will either get no attention at all (i.e. guests will forget the request) or invite the ‘first’ post from a guest who decides to get cheeky.”

Top Wedding Planners

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