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Royal and Elegant Silk Saris from Pothys

When it comes to dressing up, a lady is truly spoilt for choice. Cocktail dresses, elegant gowns, colorful sarees, embroidered lehengas and dressy anarkalis, the options are many! But among all these there is something that is truly special- the Kanjeevaram pattu (pure silk) which is considered one of India’s finest fabrics. The sheen, the texture, the grandeur, the motifs and the vibrant colors– we love almost everything about it.

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South Indian women in particular have a special connect with Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram sarees, that are woven by the weavers of Kanchipuram district in Tamil Nadu. Most ladies from South India, would have at least one Kanjeevaram saree in their wardrobe. It is the garment that is worn for all auspicious occasions and functions, and most brides from Tamil Nadu wear a heavily woven silk on their wedding day. If you are new to the world of Kanjeevarams, and are keen to possess them all you have to do is seek the expert advice of managers and store assistants at Pothys– the ultimate destination to shop for traditional silk sarees in Tamil Nadu.

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Pothys was established over 90 years back by K.V. Pothy Moopanar, under the name Pothy Moopanar to sell cotton sarees, dhotis and towels woven in his own loom, and their first showroom was at Srivilliputtur. Cut to the present date and they have multiple showrooms which boast of the largest silk sarees’ collection all over Tamil Nadu. Pothys reputation stems from its unflinching dedication in providing exclusive, high quality, diverse clothing options and unmatched customer service. Once their executives tell you more about the elaborate process and other facts behind the making of each saree you will feel proud to own a Kanjeevaram saree, and wear it with pride and joy for the special celebrations in your life.

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Pothys Samudrika
Not one to rest on its laurels of having an undisputed reputation in the traditional silk sarees segment, Pothys went one step ahead and launched its own unique brand of silk sarees namely Samudrika, Parampara and Vastrakala. What makes these silk brands unique is its richness in silk, exclusivity in design and luxury, genuine zari work and weaving artistry for that special look and feel. Their branded silks make for stunning heirloom pieces in their own right and are designed to last for generations. The sarees in the Samudrika segment have been designed to appeal to the tastes of all women- young and old. Sarees in a special range of colors, floral and geometric patterns make up for a good part of the dazzling collection, so be prepared to be floored!

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Shopping simplified: Pothys is now Online!
Rich Indian sarees are in huge demand, not just in India but all over the world! The fact that Pothys noticed an increasing volume in International and NRI clientele motivated them to launch their online store, Pothys.com, to cater to this extremely important audience. The online store has an unbeatable range of products to offer– including a wide variety of wedding sarees, daily wear sarees, dressy salwars, office wear kurtis, kutti sarees for girls, dhotis for the boys and silk shirts and dhotis for men.

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Online innovation: Shop through Skype
Attempting to take conventional online shopping a notch higher, Pothys has also launched a unique and innovative experience called Skype Shoppe, for its online shoppers. All one has to do is make an appointment, login to Skype and they can avail the help of a virtual shopping assistant to browse and view designs of their choice before making their decision to buy it online.

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Payment and deliveries
Keeping in mind its customers concerns, Pothys.com has a safe purchase policy for its online shoppers as they have teamed up with CC Avenue, India’s leading e-banking network and PAYPAL, a highly reputed and trusted overseas payment gateway. Together they provide a secure and flexible Internet payment platform for seamless, error free online payment solutions.

Pothys.com also takes pride in having an efficient and quick delivery process for its esteemed clientele. They have tied up with some of the best domestic and international courier companies to ensure a speedy delivery. Once you make your final choice, Pothys will process and ship the same in 2-5 days.

It only keeps getting better, doesn’t it!

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