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Sagarika Jain’s crazy Bachelorette in Dubai

Girls just want to have fun and there’s probably nothing as wild and freeing as that last all-girl trip before you tie the knot. So what better way to celebrate than by escaping to bling-central with your BFFs?! Sagarika made the most out of her ‘last fling’ by living it up with her girlfriends in glitzy Dubai.


Whether it was sailing or shopping, dolphins or desert-safaris, the girls had plenty of time to party, shop, have great adventures and most importantly, bond.


Sagarika Jain is getting married on the 15th of January next year and though she’s super excited about it, she needed a break from the pre-wedding hubbub. She thought a little fun and frolic surrounded by her squad would be rejuvenating. “Before the wedding, I just wanted to spend some fun time with my friends and a bachelorette trip to a ritzy location was always on my mind.”


Her research threw up a list of the coolest cities on the planet but it was Dubai that caught her eye for its promise of luxury and adventure, “Dubai is the most happening place I have ever seen. I am glad I made the decision to go there for my bachelorette. I chose the city because I wanted to relax and also have a gala time with some of my lovely friends.”


The pictures are proof! From the touristy desert safari to the adventurous scuba diving, Sagarika ensured her friends made memories forever, “Each day had its own story. We started with a camel ride in the desert safari and moved on to more adventurous expeditions such as scuba diving, underwater diving and also playing with dolphins!” There were also cycle rides along Marina Bay and a luxury yacht tour to appreciate the beauty of this city in the desert. Every evening, the girls treated themselves to some retail therapy at the sales in the Dubai Mall.



Sagarika says, “These days are special; we wanted them to be remembered.” The girls’ downtime was spent chatting the night away on the beach, “One night we five were sitting on the beach and chatting about life and boys. We even played ‘Truth or Dare’ which was a lot of fun and also quite a poignant moment as everyone shared their stories.”



On the last day of their fun-filled week, the girls got into ‘crazy mode’ and enjoyed their favorite childhood ritual together, “We put the music on full blast and were all jumping on the bed, just like we did as kids. We enjoyed each and every moment of our time together!”



Sagarika strongly encourages brides to take some time off their busy wedding planning process and take an ultimate bachelorette trip. “Just go and do it! I had a wonderful time on my bachelorette and would advise all the brides-to-be to just go ahead and plan one as these are the moments that they will cherish forever.”

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