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Sail Away

Ever dreamt of spending your honeymoon at unique places that are nothing short of paradise? While Europe is on every couple’s wish list, it can be quite a daunting task to find relaxing escapades that go by unnoticed. As more honeymooners visit the known hot spots, a cruise gives you the best chance to explore some hidden gems. A Travel Duet has hand-picked some of these spots that are accessible only by a cruise.

Le Baux
French troubadours are known to have sung ballads atop the cliffs in this Provence town. The romance today continues amidst Les Baux’s narrow cobblestoned alleyways and cozy cafés . The 11th century fortress atop the cliff offers stunning views of the medieval churches, manors and chapels below. Other places to visit in the area include free museums, boutiques and vineyards.

Les Baux, France

Edam, Netherlands
Famed for its cheese bearing the same name, Edam is a small town in northern Netherlands. With well-preserved canals, bridges, squares and monuments, it’s easy to slip back to the 17th century Dutch era in this town. If you’re lucky to be here in the summers, don’t miss the enactment of the ancient cheese market. Shopping lovers won’t be disappointed, as there are many narrow shopping street. While those looking to unwind in the evening can make merry at the several terrace bars.

Edam, Netherlands

Wachau Valley, Austria
This picturesque valley is one of Austria’s hidden gems, located between the quiet towns of Melk and Krems. The region is best explored on a sail and is the perfect place for art buffs and lovers of vineyards. The restored Melk abbey is one of Europe’s greatest sights and the pavilion outside makes for a classic walking stretch. While Krems is home to several boutiques, the best part about the trail from Melk to Krems is the Danube river views.

Wachau, Austria

Pays d’Auge, France
Just south of Lisieux, Normandy lies the beautiful region of Pays d’Auge. Dotted with stately manors and lush pastures, one can take leisurely strolls through apple orchards, or stop by to sample world-class cheese (Camembert, Livarot and Pont L’Evêque) at local farms. The working farms also welcome visitors to taste delicious Norman meals made of roasts, stews and apple pies. And while you’re there don’t forget to bring back some apple brandy and cider!

Pays d’Auge, France

Local apple cider

To find the perfect European river-cruise to visit these places, contact A Travel Duet at bliss@atravelduet.com

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