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Seven Couples. Seven Vows, Paromita and Dinesh

Every relationship is unique. Every marriage is special. And so are the promises that two people in love made to each other. In this series, WeddingSutra meets seven beautiful couples and discovers the promises they made to each other for the lifetime.

Paromita Kundu, a Communications Professional and Dinesh Navani, a Banker got married in December 2013 in Mumbai, here the couple talk about their union and ‘how we met’ story.

“If it’s meant to be, it will; Everything happens for a reason, and at the right time; Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans… Like every other teen, I grew up listening to these phrases, and thought they were just another set of fancy words added to the vast pool of English Literature; without realizing that one day all of this will make complete sense”…… Paromita

How we met
“I had joined a trekking group while on a sabbatical to satiate my urge to see new places and meet new people. It was during one such impromptu trip that I met my husband, Dinesh. The initial impressions were not too good for either of us, but eventually during the trip we got talking, exchanged numbers, discovered common friends, common interests and before we knew it, we were seeing each other; and eventually the romantic in him managed to bowl me over! ”

What we love and appreciate about each other
Paromita says, “I love the fact that nothing really has changed much since our marriage, we are still the ‘blissfully in love’ dating couple who now also stay together! In fact, it’s nearly four months now since we got married and it still seems like a never-ending vacation for me; so much so that I forget at times that I am actually married! It’s like the best of all worlds, I get to share my life with the one I love, without any undue pressures or obligations; it’s all the same with an added assurance and constant support. It’s this undying support and unconditional love which I appreciate the most! I’m a daddy’s girl who grew up idolizing my dad and believed that no one could love me, pamper me and support me as much as him. Though my dad will always be my first hero, my husband is almost at par! It takes a very secure man to let his woman be the way she is, without altering anything about her. The fact that he understands every small thing about me and does everything possible to make me feel special, always, is something which I love and appreciate the most! I sometimes feel he has had a sneak peek at the list of things I had in my mind for my soul-mate!”

Dinesh being a man of few words, adds few profound words for his partner. “I have always admired her honesty. She won’t shy from calling a spade a spade, which eventually is difficult for some people to digest initially, but it was something I loved from the very start. I always wanted my partner to be honest to me about everything, someone with whom I could share everything and expect an honest feedback and I’m glad to have found that in her. Also her caring nature is something that always leaves me amazed. No matter how tired or angry she may be, she will do her best to ensure the comfort of people around her. She will do small things to ensure the little joys of life, something which I love the most!”

Love, Life and Marriage
Paromita says, “Marriage to us was always about companionship. Our families got extended with our alliance and I got a lifelong companion; with whom I can chat forever, annoy every day, act silly with, speak about everything under the sun, travel with, laugh with, cry with and fall back on every time I goof up!”

Dinesh says: “Marriage is about love, trust, togetherness and happiness. We have simple expectations from each other and from our marriage. We are friends first and a spouse later; and both of us always ensure that come what may, we keep the bond of friendship alive. Marriage was just another step together to deepen our bond, to strengthen our friendship and seal it for a lifetime”

What we look forward to
We look forward to each new day and most of all we look forward to growing old in each other’s company. Life’s too short to be anything but happy and we want to cherish each moment of our lives together.

Photos Courtesy- Inderjeet Gill

Just Married? Would you like to be one of the couples to be featured on ‘Seven Couples Seven Vows’. Email us at weddingsutra@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Seven Couples Seven Vows’, your names, when (date) and where (city) you got married, how you met and two photos (a pre-wedding or engagement photo, and your wedding photo).

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