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Seven Vows with Rani Haars by Azva

The bride’s necklace is the most attention grabbing element of the entire bridal ensemble on her wedding day. A Rani Haar is one of those jewellery pieces that are considered essential to bridal jewellery across various communities.  It may be a traditional piece but who said it has to be old fashioned and boring? Azva brings to you hand crafted contemporary rani haars with 22kt gold beads woven into seven chains for the modern Indian bride. Each chain is a perfect representation of the bond initiated by each of the seven vows.

Here are our top 7 picks of the month

Image 1- Amrita Mukherjee
Rani haar with pink and green enamel work. Photo courtesy- Shades Photography.

Image 2- Divya Jain
Rani haar with contemporary diamond shaped beads. Photo courtesy- Shreya Sen.

Image 3-Mallika Tejura
Rani haar with peacock motifs crafted in enamel and rubies. Photo courtesy- Amit Barot.

Image 4- Disha Mehta Munshaw
Rani haar with flower elements with enamel edged petals. Photo courtesy- Shreya Sen.

Image 5- Priyanka Patil
Rani haar with paisley motifs. Photo courtesy- Dev Purbiya.

Image 6
Rani haar with handcrafted lotus elements. Photo courtesy- Shreya Sen.

Image 7- Ashita Nagori
Rani haar with blue enameled flowers. Photo courtesy- Shades Photography.

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