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Shaadi in an Adventure Park

“Why would anyone want to marry in an Adventure Park?” someone asked when we received an invitation from Della Adventure, Lonavala to visit them with Wedding Planners. The next day Wedding Photographers Snigdha and Vinayak of Photo Tantra emailed us photos of a Destination Wedding they had photographed at Della. And since we have been hearing so much about more couples seeking newer venues to ‘get knotty’ we knew we had to visit Della soon.

Photos Courtesy- Snigdha and Vinayak (Photo Tantra)

We travelled to Della Adventure with a few Wedding Planners specialising in Destination Weddings and for all of them it was a Fam Trip with a difference; the opportunity to explore their ‘adventurous’ side while learning more about a sprawling space two hours away from Mumbai. After checking Della’s Banqueting venues and accommodation options it was an evening of adventure-pumping sports like bungee jumping and dirt tracking. The day ended with cocktails and a lavish dinner. There was most R & R the next day, with a pampering session at the Spa.

Photos Courtesy- Snigdha and Vinayak (Photo Tantra)

Neha Shroff of Momente Weddings says “Della scores very well on the location factor. While Destination Weddings get more popular, many families are looking for a place that is just a few hours away from their home. Della is not only a venue with a difference, but is most accessible too”. Says Natasha Katgara Gocal of Divinity Weddings: “Some couples want an intimate wedding at a locale that is not a typical five star hotel or luxury resort, so for them Della might be ‘perfect’. But for bigger scale weddings, with over 400 guests, Della can be a preferred destination for a pre-wedding celebration or youngsters party.”

Photos Courtesy- Snigdha and Vinayak (Photo Tantra)

Della is promoted by Mumbai Architect Jimmy Mistry whose property positioned as India’s ‘first luxury Adventure resort’ is getting popular among leisure seekers wanting an adventure experience in a luxury setting. Little wonder, Della is attracting a host of corporates who come there for training programs; so after a day discussing business, best practises and targets, they take a different type of risk, bust their stress by screaming at the top and cheer aloud while bonding with colleagues. It was an amazing experience interacting with the very dynamic Mistry. The 42 year old entrepreneur who lives between Della Adventure, and his sprawling penthouse at Della Towers in Dadar Parsi Colony, has worked with untiring passion and zeal to build his business empire. At the dinner table everyone was quite awed when he spoke about his adventurous professional journey- how he started his career in Mumbai, the risks he took to build residential cum commercial building Della Towers and his plans to set up Della Adventure in other cities. Click here http://www.dellaadventure.com/ to know more about Della Adventure and their array of activities. For information on Della as a venue for a wedding or social functions email pearlsanga@dellatecnica.com

From left to right- Neha Shroff, Jimmy Mistry and Natasha Katgara Gocal

From left to right- Hriday Daswani, Jimmy Mistry, Parthip Thyagarajan and Hemal Solanki Bhagwat

Hemal Solanki Bhagwat and Radhika Gulwadi Kochhar
Photos Courtesy- Aditi Varma

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