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Skin SOS

For skin that’s dulled with the patina of stressful daily urban living, a new offering from Kaya Skin Clinic called the Kaya Signature Face Therapy combines cosmetic dermatology treatments with spa treatments to elevate the treatment from beyond an ordinary facial to an intensive treatment that results in smoother, suppler and brighter skin.

The service, if you want to know what it comprises, has four different detailed service layers topped with the specially designed massage with essential oils. According to Dr. Sangeeta Amladi, Head Medical Services, Kaya Skin Clinic, “Everyone desires soft, supple and radiant skin and that too instantly. Increasingly, consumers are seeking a relaxing experience along with the beauty benefits that a skin care treatment has to offer. With Kaya Signature Face Therapy, we are offering our clients an advanced therapeutic treatment that not only gives instant skin care results but also appeal to all the senses.” Explaining the service Dr. Amladi says, “The four different layers of service experience bring together the best of technology for exfoliation and deep infusion of natural brightening ingredients. The last layer of a specially designed massage nourishes the skin with therapeutic properties of essential oils and also helps calm nerves and a busy mind.”

Ultra Rejuve
What are the three primary therapies under Signature Face Therapy? The first option is the Ultra Rejuve which is a pure mood elevating experience, this therapy brings the much needed freshness to the dull and tired skin. The four layered fusion face therapy begins with a light microdermabrasion, which lightly removes the surface dead skin to reveal the clear, fresh and healthy skin beneath. This is followed by topical application of Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant, then followed by Licorice and Arbutin infusions to create a glow. The third layer is a pure Cocoa massage followed by a Cocoa mask, which perks up the sense immediately.

Ultra Detox
The Ultra Detox is a special treatment which uses Neroli and Patchouli to detoxify the skin and do away with the damage caused by pollution and stress. This treatment begins by cleansing the system with water, a jet drains the lymphatic nodes and exfoliates the dead skin. Vitamin C is then applied, followed by Patchouli and Neroli used in a massage on the face, neck, shoulders and upper back. This is then followed with a mud pack to complete the process.

Ultra Youth
The third option is the Ultra Youth which stimulates collagen and elasticity, while reducing signs of ageing through ingredients like Rose and Geranium oil and Vitamin C. The first step is microdermabasion, followed by an infusion of Licorice and Arbutin to restore the brightness of skin lost due exposure to the sun. The next step has saffron and essential oils such as Rose and Geranium used as well Wheatgerm and moisturizing extra virgin Olive oil in the massage cream to help delay collagen breakdown. The final layer is the Kaya InstaGlow mask for instant results. Think of it as skin SOS, perfect if you want your skin to glow and look like a million bucks before any special occasion.


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