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Celebrity News - Jun 6, 2017
The star-studded #sonavsofab Wedding of Sonam Vaswani and Navin Fabiani in Vienna
Sonam Vaswani, daughter of Stallion Group’s Sunil Vaswani’s married Spain/ Mumbai businessman Kamal Fabiani's son Navin in a grand affair...
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Celebrity News - May 6, 2016
Wedding Makers and Creme de la Creme in Vienna for the Jindal-Jasani wedding
Parth, Jindal scion and son of industrialists Sangita and Sajjan Jindal is marrying his childhood sweetheart Anushree, the daughter of...
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Celebrity News - May 6, 2016
Inside Anushree and Parth Jindal’s Palace Wedding Venues, Hofburg Imperial and Belvedere Palace
All love stories are perfect, but when it involves the union of two business scions (Anushree Jasani & Parth Jindal)...
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