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The House of Things- A new exciting store for your home shopping

The House of Things is a new ecommerce site that functions as a curated marketplace for those seeking design objects which are beautiful, rare and inspired. From fine furniture, resplendent paintings to exceptional curios, precious jewels, sculptures, antiquities, rugs, and accessories – each of their objects has remarkable workmanship and soul.

Founded by design and digital experts Astha Khetan and Sabina Chopra, The House of Things values the increasingly rare notion ofindividuality and was created to cultivate an appreciation for these things and facilitate their access. Their curatorial team of experts meticulously puts together a personal selection of poetic objects, sourced from travels across the globe and serendipitous findings.

Apart from a selection of in-house products, the site is collaborative and appoints well known design experts, each of whom acts as a curator, showcasing their own unique selections. With carefully considered content, the site shares stories and anecdotes of particular pieces, recognizing the importance of history and process. Visitors can also opt to engage a Concierge service to help them personalize their shopping experience.

Here’s a sneak peek into their exquisite collection:

Guilded Metal Candlestand

A medley of traditional design with gilded detailing and white metal; this wooden candlestick embodies vintage charm and whimsy, which are hallmarks of objects from Mayur Arts.

Gilded Metal Candlestand

Carved Wooden Angels

Handcrafted in wood and painted in polychrome, these angels are recollective of a presence that has existed since mystical lore. Acknowledged by almost all religions, their magical presence has been beautifully crafted into a visible and visually appealing, contemplative piece of art.

Carved Wooden Angels 1

Chevron Credenza

Implementing a geometric chevron pattern, this striking wooden credenza is made out of reclaimed teak, employing a natural wax finish. Handcrafted with hammered copper details, it cases three compartments, and bears tapering legs in a striped wooden pattern.

Chevron Credenza

Kings dining chair

This set of chairs is crafted in copper clad reclaimed teak and finished with a natural wax glaze; its slender lines are accented with delicate engravings on hammered copper and a brushing of gold paint. The luxurious upholstery is woven in heavy patterned silk.

Kings Dining Chair

Banaras dinnerware

The Banaras collection is dedicated to the master weavers of the holy city. The butti patterns are inspired by brocade motifs; 24k gold highlights enhance the vibrant turquoise and jade hues. The 26-piece set includes dinner and side plates, platters, bowls and matching napkin rings.

Banaras Dinnerware

Handpainted Spanish Vase

This vintage porcelain vase was originally crafted in Spain. In the traditional blue and white colour scheme are intricately handpainted scenes of battle, featuring horses and humans fighting valiantly, reminiscent of Spanish folklore.

Hand Painted Spanish Vase

Krishna Urn

The Krishna Urn is a a beautiful artwork that is done in the classic religious art style of the artist. The humble Indian “bharany” has been worked on by the artist using oils with 24 carat gold leaf detailing and transforming it to a masterpiece.

Krishna Urn

Kudu Lamp

This African Kudu lamp in stainless steel is inspired from the horns of the antelope and is cleverly mounted on a steel base. You can light up any space with this primitive and contemporary conversation starter.

Kudu Lamp

To view more unique pieces from their collection, visit:

W: www.thehouseofthings.com
FB: www.facebook.com/thehouseofthings
I: www.instagram.com/TheHouseOfThings

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