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The Photo Ready Bride

Cory Walia decodes the picture perfect bride at the WeddingSutra MasterClass Fashion & Food Edition at JW Marriott Juhu, Mumbai.

Cory Walia begins his session with a winning statement – “All women are beautiful. Knowing your face and what to highlight is the key to looking your best.”

Cory’s passion for his art is evident as he urges us to inculcate healthy skin regimes into our daily routine. Investing a few minutes on a basic cleanse-tone-moisturize routine can go a long way. “Even if you’re back home at 4:38 am after a party, don’t just crash into bed. Remove your makeup! A few drops of olive oil on a damp cotton ball will do the trick,” he states in an insistent tone. There’s an air of a teacher about him… and why not, he’s mentored many young makeup and hair professionals in the industry today.


It is also clear that the make-up maestro has met many who are lazy to follow a beauty regime, or plain afraid to use cosmetics because they don’t know what works for them. But it’s not difficult, he insists. He chooses a participant to demonstrate this with a makeover.

As the participant steps onto the stage, she confesses that she steers clear of cosmetics or skin regimes because she’d rather sleep a few extra minutes in the morning, echoing sentiments of all who suffer the unpleasant reality of city life. “Twenty minutes is all it takes,” Cory states. “You don’t need much makeup to brighten your face if your skin is healthy. Nutritious food, a healthy water intake and vitamins are essential though.”

Cory demonstrates how a little make-up goes a long way. He uses the three rescue remedies stashed in his handy kit – Soframycin skin cream (cleanses and protects the skin), Eyecool eye drops (to rid redness of the eye) and a lip balm (to use as a base before lip colour application). He uses a lip pencil and a lip balm on his bridal clients, as they last longer than a lipstick. He suggests befriending cake eyeliners instead of the daily struggle with eye pencils. They are more versatile once you learn to use them and can be easily wiped off, avoiding the raccoon-like appearance that early mornings endeavors with eye pencils often lead to.

“Don’t try to look fairer with foundation,” he advises. When buying a foundation, try it on the jaw line and check if it blends well with your skin in the sunlight. That also implies that one must never buy makeup in the night.


cory walia



What about airbrushing, a bride-to-be asks. Being traditional in his approach, Cory hasn’t been too happy to use it. It works best in cool climes and is a complete disappointment in warm weather, in his experience. In any case, a bridal look should be in keeping with the venue and aesthetics of the event.

Some other tips that the brides-to-be learnt at the session –

* Meet your makeup person often so you can build a relationship with them. Having one artiste through the various functions can help achieve absolutely different looks.

* Wearing a lehenga or a saree (as per your bridal look) at a makeup and hair trial makes all the difference. Casual clothes will not give you an accurate the look.

* The last bridal facial should ideally be done 10-12 days before the wedding or at least a week before the celebrations begins. If there is a skin outbreak, you will have time on your hands to deal with it.

* Always get your look in place as per the location and climate at the time of your wedding. For example, leaving your hair open at a beachside function will ruin your wedding pictures.

* Hair makes up for 65 percent of the look and what you can most play around with. Change your look with your hair at each function for a different look. Get the footwear, handbag and hair in order for a classy look.

* A bridal makeover begins with the hairstyle and ends with touching it up. Makeup should be done next. Perfume should be worn before the clothes and jewellery. A nath or nose ring should be worn last.

* And most of all, set aside at least three hours to get ready, and an additional half hour for emergency situations. One can never predict a sudden turn of events.

Cory underlines this need for this extra half hour with an anecdote. A photographer’s assistant wanted a shot of the bridal ghagra against the landscape view from the window. He hung up the skirt from a fire sprinkler. You know what happened next. You also know why you need ample time and a cool head, and what not to let your enthusiastic photographers do.

Delhi Brides, we have exciting news for you! Our next Masterclass is on Saturday, 21st May at Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel New Delhi (9.30 am to 3.00 pm). At the Masterclass in New Delhi meet master couturier Tarun Tahiliani, bridal make-up maestro Ojas Rajani, top destination wedding photographers Vinayak and Snigdha of Photo Tantra. At WeddingSutra we believe that photography is that one decision that will make the most impact on how you remember your wedding. And that’s why we have Snigdha and Vinayak at the WeddingSutra MasterClass to help you navigate your photography decisions for the big day. How to pick the right photographer, what photography style will work best for your wedding and most importantly how to ensure you are a photo ready bride.

Brides-to-be who have not contacted us for an invite yet, send a Whatsapp message to Neelam +91-9820076986 / Urvi 9820300973.

Photos Courtesy- WhatKnot

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