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The Saree versus the Gown!

The Saree versus the Gown! Should our Indian Celebrities wear a Gown on the International Red Carpet? Or should they stick to the Saree? We spoke to three Indian designers.

Nachiket Barve: I’m happy that Indian Celebrities, now global personalities wear Gowns. Style icons, make a successful transition when required and look good in whatever they wear. The ability to change, when required and not be stuck in a groove, is appreciable!

James Ferreira: The ball gown is boring! And most Indian actresses make a fool of themselves by wearing it on the Red Carpet.

Anupama Dayal: There’s so much scope to individualise Indian creations—and make it perfect for wear there. For instance, a beautifully styled red or white saree would look so glamorous. Freida Pinto looked great in a gown, but most Indian actresses won’t stand tall in it. They’ll always look beautiful, yet ravishing in a dress with an Indian soul connect and a creation with a new India feel!

What do you think? Should Indian celebrities wear gowns or sarees on red carpet abroad?

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