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The secret behind that perfect smile!

All of us like to flaunt a perfect smile. But for many who have crooked teeth, there lies the need to wear braces. Now 3M IncognitoTM offers a solution that is increasingly popular among brides and grooms, who want braces that are invisible. Suitable for men and women across age groups, 3M IncognitoTM helps in treating all degrees of crookedness and malocclusions. The company claims, they are the only behind-the-teeth braces solution that is 100% customized to the shape of the user’s teeth and best conform to the individual’s orthodontic treatment.

How does it work?
Step 1 – The Incognito certified orthodontist takes a precise impression of your teeth and sends it to a 3M laboratory in the US. The impression is then made into a model and/or a digitized model and the treatment is replicated on this based on the Orthodontist’s specific treatment protocol for you.

Step 2 – The bracket system (appliance) is individually designed and manufactured for you, using a highly sophisticated laboratory procedure in the US.

Step 3 – You can then step into your Orthodontist’s office for a bonding appointment to insert the braces in your mouth.

If your dentist has identified the need for you to wear braces in order to make any correction, the chances of 3M IncognitoTM being able to fill in the need is really high. However, only certified Orthodontists are trained to use this product, given the technology and customization involved. Today, there are over 150 Orthodontists in leading cities in India who have been trained and certified to successfully treat teeth with 3M IncognitoTM braces.

To locate a certified orthodontist in your city call toll free number
1-800-425-3030 or email cgmarilyn@mmm.com

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