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The Wedding Atelier – Bridal Beds & Festive Tables

Groovy Two Shoes, the styling company has curated for the wedding season, in association with Bandit Queen, a high-end home linen brand, beautifully designed bridal beds and festive tables wrapped in a package called ‘The Wedding Atelier’.

Wedding Atelier features Bridal bed setups and Festive tables.

Bridal Beds: The beginning of what is going to be a beautiful forever. Whether you veer towards pristine whites, racy blacks and royal rules, Groovy Two Shoes will style the bed for your wedding night with plush linens and accessories from Bandit Queen.

French Boudoir: Eye- catching, quirky, and sumptuous, enter a world that is sensual and fun

Garden of Eden: Discover the joy of fresh blooms, soft woods and scented candles. A delicately styled bed with plush white covers.

Festive tables: Whether you want to celebrate with breezy brunch, stylish cocktail or an elegant dinner, Groovy Two Shoes will style your table with the choicest linen and accessories from Bandit Queen.

Star Dust: Walk into the sunset, with shiny disco balls, shimmery baubles, and lots of candles all adorned with lace linen and silver bow ties.

Midsummer Night’s Dream: Discover an enchanted forest with exotic flowers, golden butterflies and flowing vines that finds its place on deep plum linen.

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