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This wedding season, invest in timeless luxury with Rado

The big fat Indian wedding season is finally here and people can’t stop talking about it. With lavish preparations, moodboards, and extravagant themes, the Indian wedding season is truly a season of gifting.

Watches have long been a symbol of longevity for newly-wed couples. A pair of luxury couple watches make for memorable wedding presents. After all, what better gift than a symbol that stands the test of time, like happy marriages?

So, if you’re planning to surprise the newly-wed couple with a gift, look no further than the timeless innovation of Rado’s Centrix Diamonds collection.

Rado Centrix Diamonds

Where elegance meets innovation
Rado’s watches have stood the test of time. They have spanned across generations because of their investment in innovative technology. Visit any Rado shop and you will be allowed to test the scratch-resistant technology yourself.

Available in chocolate-brown, Rado Centrix Diamonds watch is a class apart. From its durable ceramic design to the smooth finish, this is the best-selling watch that is bound to make a splash at a wedding party.

Rado Centrix Diamonds
Rado Centrix Diamonds

Shop here for him and her

Chic and elegant, this watch is ideal for the contemporary men and women who prefer timelessness to trends. The round dial is studded with diamonds to add to the old-world classic charm. The Rado Centrix Diamonds stands for strong values and a long history of trust – values that form the basis of a marriage. It stands for bonds that extend across lifetimes, a mark of enduring love.

Against the warm brown background, the minimalist, clutter-free cut of the diamonds lends a simplicity to the Centrix watch. Think classics and a solid design combined with state-of-the-art technology in a watch. The brand’s signature sapphire scratch-resistant crystal makes the watch luminous and everlasting. Here is a watch that can truly outlast trends.

A versatile conversation-starter
The solid base of mellow brown makes Centrix Diamonds a versatile accessory that can be paired with any outfit. It is sure to become a staple in the wardrobe, a lifelong companion. The iconic dial exudes confidence and glamour and is certain to add a degree of sophistication to the wedding ensemble.

Rado’s USP? A unique scratch-resistant technology that lasts a lifetime. The result is a sleek accessory that starts conversations at every party. With Rado Centrix Diamonds, you can be rest assured that your gift will make an unforgettable impression on the newly-weds.

A gift for generations
The wedding season, like Rado, brings together people across generations. It is an opportunity to pass down your values and shower the newly-weds with acceptance and love. And nothing speaks acceptance and love like investing in a classic timepiece from Rado.

Check out the Rado Centrix collection here.

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