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This week in Mumbai- WE COUTURE Exhibition 2014

Dates: 21st and 22nd August, 2014
Where: World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai.
Timing: 11.00 am to 8.00 pm

Over the last 26 years the Ladies Wing of Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC) has been putting up an annual exhibition- featuring apparel, fashion accessories, jewellery, stationery, silverware, home accessories, gift items and lifestyle products made by individual designers. And while many wedding and festive exhibitions are now taking place in Mumbai, this is one shopping extravaganza that is much awaited by the city’s swish set.

Aarti Sanghi, the President of the Ladies Wing of IMC tells us that what is special about the exhibition is their focus on promoting individual designers who do not retail at stores. “There is no point in inviting shoppers to an exhibition where you will see creations which are available at multi-designer stores or in luxury malls. The USP of our exhibition is that we promote individual designers who typically operate from home or a studio.” Sanghi tells us the exhibition is an excellent platform for creative entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of their venture, orwho are operating on a smaller scale. “Many of them have gone on to become big names in the fashion industry- so when shoppers come here, they look forward to meeting and buying creations by emerging talent.”

In addition to the budding entrepreneurs, this year IMC Ladies ‘Wing has a special corner for weavers from across India with exquisite arts and crafts stalls to promote creative artisans and weavers.

A post on women entrepreneurship on our blog will be incomplete without a mention on how women entrepreneurship and weddings go hand in hand. While we were talking with Aarti Sanghi and Malini Agarwalla, a member of the organizing committee of this exhibition, we discussed how the wedding industry provides so much opportunity to women entrepreneurs whose expertise lies in apparel or accessories design, packaging& gifting, sweet& chocolate making, and now even candid photography. “We would guess in every second residential building in South Mumbai, there a woman who is running a wedding-related business- like apparel, jewellery, gifting or packaging. The wedding industry works on the principle of personalized service and customizationand hence there are many opportunities for creative talent- who want to work from home, and customize their products & services based on their clients unique requirements.”

Some of the Participants this year

Laila B Motwane

Sunita Arora creation                                                                      Swati Goradia creation

Sneh TodiSneh Todi Jewellery

Shelina Kukar and Camelia Dalal
Art Apparel & Accessories by Camelia Dalal & Shelina Kukkar 

Kalli Mehra, Kunti Shah & Medha Toprani
Kokommo by Kalli Mehra, Kunti Shah & Medha Toprani

Accents by Surbhi Arora & Pooja Jain

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