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Together Fur-ever: This is What a Dog Lover’s Wedding Looks Like

At her wedding bride, Ragini Mehra gave the phrase ‘puppy-love’ a whole new meaning. Everything about her wedding celebrations was designed keeping in mind her affection for canines. After interacting with her, we’re paw-sitive that she is one of the greatest dog lovers out there!

Here, she shares all highlights of the wedding that almost had us going ‘Woof!'”

The Bride, The Groom, and The Dogs
“Ever since my husband and I met, he began falling in love not just with me but also with my dogs! When he proposed, my dogs said ‘Yes’ with me, and that’s precisely what was reflected in our wedding card. It was a super fun way to share our wedding invites with all loved ones. Our thought was beautifully translated into an e-card by Nidhi Dhingra, an illustrator who goes by the name Travel Illustrator on Instagram and who we’re totally in love with.”

Ragini Mehra's Dog Friendly Wedding Invite

The Bride’s Tribe.. Or Should We Say Pack?
“No one can beat my bachelorette party which our adorable fur kids were a part of! My school friends got super innovative with the bachelorette bash and planned it at a dog-friendly cafe in New Delhi. The resident dogs dressed up for the party too! All the glasses had dog faces painted on them, and we took some really fun shots posing with the dogs, eating like the dogs and what not!”

Ragini Mehra's Dog Friendly Bachelorette Party

Pooch Patterns for the Bridal Mehndi
“As a bride who has always hated Mehndi, for a change, this was something to look forward to! While everyone tried their best to convince me not to get dog sketches on my feet, I was certain that I wanted them. I loved taking the two dogs drawn on my feet (complete with paw prints) to my wedding, reception, honeymoon and everywhere I went. Not to mention, I got some excellent photos with my desi dogs thanks to the Mehndi designs!”

Ragini Mehra's Mehndi Design with Paws
Ragini Mehra's Mehndi Design with Paw Prints

Favors for Favorites
“We have favors for friends and family at Mehndi and Sangeet functions these days. So why leave our pets behind? You guessed it right! We started planning hampers for all dogs as return favors for the sangeet. This was definitely the most enjoyable part of all our wedding preparations! These hampers included personalized towels for everyone’s pets, festive bow ties, toys and more. They were made by For the Fur Kids, an initiative for the welfare of stray animals and all proceeds go towards the cause.”

Ragini Mehra's Wedding Favors for Dogs

“To make our experience come a full circle, we made sure the dog connect stayed with us on the honeymoon too. We were fortunate to plan our first trip together to the Bahamas, which started on a very high note. At our first stop, we booked ourselves a homestay which had two pet dogs – an American Bully and a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Poodle. The Sea Beach Hideaway, which is just a five-minute walk from the beach, is an Airbnb we would recommend to everyone visiting the Bahamas.”

Ragini Mehra's Honeymoon at Bahamas

The Wedding Makers
Wedding Invitations: Nidhi Dhingra
Wedding Favors: For The Fur Kids

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