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Top Indian Wedding Trends for 2020

The arrival of the new year and a new decade brings the possibilities of new trends and a fresh take on traditions. Over the last few years, modern Indian weddings have become less about big fat bollywood-style extravaganzas and more about choosing your own adventure. To help you plan a wedding that is uniquely yours, here are our Editor’s picks of the top Indian wedding trends for 2020.

1. Sustainability
It shouldn’t be considered a trend, but more and more couples today are mindful of the impact their wedding celebrations can have on the environment and are making choices to have a more sustainable celebration. For more ideas on how to have an eco-friendly wedding, check out this story.

Top Indian Wedding Trends for 2020

2. Florals or Not
Unexpected decor elements like pampas grass and wheat are replacing fresh blooms in the floral installations at weddings. Their soft, wispy quality adds instant texture to both wild boho weddings and luxe romantic affairs.

Top Indian Wedding Trends for 2020
Top Indian Wedding Trends for 2020

3. Go the Distance
Pre-wedding shoots are expected to get a lot more elevated as more couples are choosing to travel far to places on their bucket list to create style-forward, memorable images that reflect their personalities and relationship.

Top Indian Wedding Trends for 2020

4. “Non-traditional” food
More and more couples are opting to hire their favorite restaurant/ hotel chefs to curate a dining experience that is more unique than the average wedding caterer with a standard choice of buffets and food stations.

Top Indian Wedding Trends for 2020 Photo Courtesy: Blue Sea Catering & Banquets

Top Indian Wedding Trends for 2020

5. Micro Weddings
Unlike elopement, micro-weddings contain all the elements of a traditional ceremony, just on a much smaller scale. This trend is beginning to find favor with those on a small budget, a desire for keeping it intimate, no time to plan something complex, or wanting something really meaningful and personal in a destination away from home. But be prepared for pushback – not everyone might be thrilled you’re having a micro-wedding.

Top Indian Wedding Trends for 2020

6. Custom Illustrations
Another great way to personalize your wedding stationery that is gaining popularity is hand-drawn illustrations. Whether its a sketch of your wedding venue or a map of the destination, illustrations can add an element of fun to your wedding invitations.

Top Indian Wedding Trends for 2020 Invitation: Turmeric Ink

7. Specialty Bars
Add a boozy twist to your wedding shenanigans with a specialty bar that reflects your drinking tastes. Love gin and tonic? Offer a tonic bar where your guests can order a classic G&T as well as some other fun Gin cocktails. Big fan of bourbon? Serve a selection of your favorite Bourbon varieties and cigars.

Top Indian Wedding Trends for 2020
Top Indian Wedding Trends for 2020

8. Add extra oomph to your dress
Traditional red or fuchsia lehengas are set to take a backseat in the new decade. With fashion getting bolder, expect brides to add a bit extra to their wedding look. We are thinking tulle lehengas, statement sleeves, neon colors and more that are sure to stun in playful yet unexpected ways.

9. Go Bold, or go home, Grooms
2020 grooms will surely not be afraid to play with color and pattern. With Ranveer Singh as a fashion role model, pinks, greens, and every shade in between are going to see a lot of interest. And bold prints as well.

Top Indian Wedding Trends for 2020 Photo Source: Manyavar

Top Indian Wedding Trends for 2020
Top Indian Wedding Trends for 2020
 Photo Courtesy: Sunny Dhiman Photography / Photo Source: Sabyasachi

10. Philanthropy
Weddings offer a unique opportunity for you to give back to your community in a variety of meaningful ways. If you’re looking to incorporate the greater good into your big day, create your charity registry on WeddingSutra and allow your guests to contribute to your favorite cause in lieu of wedding gifts.

Top Indian Wedding Trends for 2020 Photo Courtesy: Shreya Sen

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