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Want Great Bridal Photos? Photographer Dev Purbiya shares some Simple Tips

Today, many Brides are as excited about photos of their Bridal Moments, as much as their Wedding Moments. ZEMA Fine- Jewellery, the bridal jewellery studio run by Reshma and Karan Morani recently organised a workshop for brides-to-be where they invited ace Wedding Photographer Dev Purbiya to speak on Candid Photography. Here, he blogs about his interaction with the brides, and shares his tips with WeddingSutra readers on how to get it right.

A dazzling pair of chaandbalis by Zema Jewels, designed with uncut, diamonds and pearls
Photobooks by Canvera and ZEMA Jewellery

“When I entered the the ZEMA studio in Khar (West) it was nice to have an audience of 10 brides-to-be. After a quick chat with them I realised most of them have been searching for lehengas and makeup artists since sometime and they are now beginning their search for a candid photographer. Some were looking for a photographer who offers the complete ‘wedding photography package’  (candid and traditional photography + films) while some were clear that they wanted a candid photographer only. Here are some tips I shared on how to work with their wedding photographer.

1. Give your Photographer time
After you have done your research on photographers (WeddingSutra makes it fairly easy) and you have chosen the one who fits your requirement, spend a little time with him/ her to discuss the function details. If you and the photographer are based in different cities, and you don’t have time to meet beforehand, make sure you have a skype call so you can discuss the shoot plan.

And as she is completely ready

2. Candid Moments
Do not presume some events may not be important for capturing moments. Sometimes smaller functions with 10 guests turn out to be more fun than events with 1000 people.

Friends of the brides pulling off a funny pose at her wedding

3. Photography and Direction
On the wedding day, the bride should not try to manage the photography team. If she is very keen on wanting some photos, she should leave the check-list with her cousins or best friends.

A peek of the mehndi the bride-to-be adorns on her feet

4. Makeup Artist
Simple rule of thumb- choose and work with a Makeup Artist you are comfortable with (and now WeddingSutra’s Bridal Makeup Gallery showcases the work of 100’s of Makeup Artists).

Bridal getting ready moments

5. Bridal Moments
a. Getting Ready – Getting ready is a fun event to shoot. If you are getting ready in a salon, check with them if they allow shoots, and if your photographer is a male, don’t forget to ask them if male photographers are permitted there.

Leela, Gurgaon, India

Bridal getting ready moments 2

b. If you’d like jewellery/lehenga/shoes to be shot separately, call the photographer a little earlier

First look at the bride's jewellery

A facing shot of the bride's shoe

c. Family and Friends – Family and friends are the main reason you get married. So make sure you have a fun picture with them. Try asking your photographer about the way they imagine it.

Bhopal, India

d. Couple Shoot – Try your best to take time for an outdoor shoot with your to-be-groom.

e. Bridal Portraits- Give at least 15 minutes time to your photographer.

Bridal portraits

6. Have fun
I have seen some brides who are so busy in planning the perfection of the wedding, that they tend to miss out having fun themselves. Keep planning till the day before the wedding, but on the big day, have as much fun as possible.

The to-be weds strike a pose with the people they love

Ask your photographer and wedding planner to add some fun elements in the wedding, so guests can enjoy more. A photo booth is a good example of such a fun element.

7. Wedding Photobook
After the excitement of the wedding is over, what stays with you always is your wedding album or book. In fact, a wedding photobook should be nurtured and treated like your most precious jewels. And just like you trust your jeweler, trust your photographer to create the most beautiful images and spend a little time with him to design your photobook. Most photographers enjoy the process of designing and presenting long lasting photobooks produced by companies like Canvera.

After I finished my interaction with the brides, me and Reshma Morani of ZEMA were chatting about her jewellery and what brides are wearing today. I decided to photograph diamond jewellery by ZEMA and some photobooks by Canvera– after all, both jewels and wedding albums have always been an intrinsic part of a wedding, and both stay with you, always!”

Diamond choker by Zema Jewels set with a red changeable center stone
Photobooks by Canvera and ZEMA Jewellery

About Dev Purbiya
Dev Purbiya, a fast-rising star in the world of lensmen, is an IIT graduate-turned-full-time-photographer. His interpretation of what meets the eye has always wowed his viewers. Dev’s mastery lies in how his lens portrays people – be it at events, in portfolios or during his travels. His eye for the candid smile and the off-the-record moments is what sets his work apart from his contemporaries.

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