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Wedding Celebrations at the Soma Vineyards, Bangalore

Ranjit Raju, an IITian who earlier worked at IISc and who now works in his family business, wed Janhavi Shukla, an Autism Therapist. The wedding took place in Bangalore and they hired the services of Bangalore-based 3 Production Wedding Planning & Decor to manage the wedding.

The Haldi and Mehndi functions took place at home, and the Sangeet function at the Soma Vineyards, a winery that is owned by Ranjit’s family. Nestled near the Nandi Hills (a short drive away from Bangalore), Soma Vineyards is a picturesque location that offers a unique setting and experience.The property has existed for over 20 years, but turned into a vineyard only five years ago. The 3 Production team used simple, natural elements from the vineyard itself when customizing the Sangeet decor- pieces of wood were fashioned into direction and name-boards, fresh flowers were hand-picked from the venue, and wine bottles were used as centerpieces. The stage was set near the rolling vineyards so that Nandi hills could be the perfect backdrop. The Sangeet was orchestrated by one of Ranjit’s best friends, Arjun Shashidhar who made sure that every guest had a wonderful time. The line up included some amazing performances by family and friends, a lot of dancing and merry-making, and finally ended with the release of Chinese wish-lanterns.

Ranjit and Janhavi wanted all their guests to have a memorable vineyard tour and wine-tasting session, so the 3 Production team created three attractive spots to facilitate this. First was the ‘Cow Bar’- located near a water-body where cows usually stop for a water break. The guests tasted their first type of wine here, along with appropriate food pairing. Second was the photo-booth, which was set up under a tamarind tree. Large pieces of white-cloth were fashioned into tiny spooky little booths named ‘bhooths’ and yummy tamarind treats hung from the tamarind tree along with decorative photo frames to create a unique photo-booth. The final stop was ‘Funky Tunky’, located near the water tank, where guests tasted their third type of wine paired with delicious small-eats.

The Wedding took place at Temple Tree, in Sahakarnagar, Bangalore. The ceremony was conducted as per Arya Samaj rituals, and the mandap was inspired by Vidya Balan’s wedding mandap, with marigolds and coconut torans to reflect a subtle and elegant feel. The Punditji who conducted the ceremony, was not only a spiritual guru but also a true entertainer, who teasingly made Ranjit vow that he would take Janhavi on an elaborate shopping trip every week!

Wedding Details
Invitation Cards: Urvi, Malleshwaram (Bangalore)
Sangeet- Herbs and Spices
Wedding- Gurucharan (GR caterers)
Photography – Regan Raj
Make up Artist: Harish, Bangalore
Wedding Decor & Planning: 3 Productions- Wedding Planning & Decor

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