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Wedding Gifts Millennial Couples Will Absolutely LOVE!

Millennials love to do it differently. This is a generation that shies away from the cliché, welcomes uniqueness and possesses an inherent trait of wanderlust. Yep! That seems like the best way to describe this generation that desires to visit places and experience it all. Right from wandering about the streets of Greece or soaking the sun on the virgin beaches of Seychelles, from savouring the famous Café Du Monde beignets at New Orleans to witnessing the cherry blossom season in Japan–millennials aren’t just hooked to travel but also make sure that they live a life filled with remarkable experiences.

So when it comes to wedding gifts why choose options that are old fashioned and everybody’s go-to? How about saying goodbye to ‘done and dusted’ gifts like sets of wine glasses, classic crockery, and home decor items and moving on to gifts that fulfil the millennial couple’s innate desire of wanderlust? A wedding gift that has a personal touch that can help create memories, which they’ll cherish forever!

MakeMyTrip Gift Card

But how do you fulfil those great expectations where the beach babies and the hitchhikers, the explorers and the Epicureans will be left feeling content? The answer lies in the magical MakeMyTrip Gift Card!

Here are five reasons why the MakeMyTrip Gift Card is the millennial’s answer to those ‘what to get them’ conundrums.

MakeMyTrip Gift Card

1. It’s an Experience, a Bunch of Memories!
A journey, a moment, an experience – whether it is a place that has been on the couple’s bucket list or something you want to introduce them to – the MakeMyTrip Gift Card is a hassle-free way to give your loved ones an experience that will be remembered forever.

MakeMyTrip Gift Card

2. It’s Your ‘Last Minute’ Saviour
Got sucked into your schedule and had zero time to shop for something really special and unique? Get online and buy the MakeMyTrip Gift Card and when you’re on-stage for the meet and greet sesh, hand your millennial friends the card.

3. It’s the Gift of Choice
Picking the perfect present is one thing—but imagine being able to hand your dear friends the gift of choice, the opportunity to pick an option. The MakeMyTrip Gift Card helps couples redeem holiday gift vouchers that cater to everyone’s tastes and preferences. Will they think of you when they’re having the time of their lives? We bet they will.

MakeMyTrip Gift Card

4. It’s Personalized
The gift card manages to be a very personal present but you can make it even more emotionally relevant. Send words and wishes that describe how you feel via personalized messages that can be added.

5. It’s Quick, Convenient and Eco-Friendly
Millennials are the generation that is dealing with climate change and this is the perfect present for someone of that ethos. Whether it’s an ‘eco wedding’ or not, the gift card does away with a lot of the packaging and paraphernalia associated with more traditional presents. And, there’s a bonus! Miss the pretty wrapping paper? While picking the card, you can choose from a variety of designs available that resonate with different occasions. These can be emailed to the recipients who can then easily redeem it with the ‘Pay by Gift Card’ option at the time of booking.

MakeMyTrip Gift Card

So say goodbye to bulky boxes, lurid packaging, and the lottery of whether they’ll like the present or not. The world is evolving and so are wedding presents. The best thing is that they’re personalized and customizable and will help your loved ones create unforgettable memories and rule the world in their own way!

Buy your MakeMyTrip Gift Card here.

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