Wedding Planner ‘The Big Night’ on How to Plan a Wedding in the Middle East

The Middle East has always been a region rich in history, mystique and natural beauty. Today, many of its popular destinations are easily accessible from across the globe making the area a go-to choice for couples who want a bit of that exotic Arabian vibe at their wedding. Families from India are drawn to the Middle East, especially Dubai, because of its proximity as well as the region’s familiarity with all things desi, from the food to the entertainment. Wedding planners Gauri Chadha Rupani and Kunal Rupani of The Big Night zoom in on what’s magical about the Middle East for noteworthy nuptials. The Big Night is one of the top names for wedding planning in Dubai and the Middle East,
and they have ample experience and insights about what makes the region such a ravishing choice for standout celebrations.

1. What makes the Middle East a great option for Indian weddings?
“The Middle East is an ideal region to host a wedding for a variety of reasons. Take Dubai for example. It is ideally situated between the East and West with India being only under three hours away. The majority of the population in Dubai are South East Asians which makes it perfect for people who like to feel that they are at home away from home. Dubai thrives on tourism and hence offers an ample array of opportunities to discover and allows you to push limits when it comes to events and entertainment. With a wide spectrum of unique venues to choose from that are fit for a beach wedding, city wedding or even a desert wedding, Dubai surely leaves you spoilt for choice! The same can be said for a lot of other places in the Middle East.”

The Big Night
The Big Night

2. Dubai has built a reputation of being the land that hosts the grandest weddings. However, if a couple were to have an intimate wedding there, how do you suggest they make it memorable?
“This is a lovely and refreshing question as Dubai has so much to offer that goes beyond catering to glitzy weddings. There are many beautiful outdoor venues suitable for intimate celebrations – imagine nuptials in the winters in the desert or by the beach or overlooking the iconic Burj Al Arab. Also, there are some gorgeous gardens and unique lawns in hotels across the city which are perfect for a private affair. Trust us when we say that there are some beautiful hidden gems that are sure to offer the most charming ambiance for a wedding with a smaller gathering.”

The Big Night
The Big Night

3. Name some of your favorite venues in the Middle East for the following:
a) A private wedding with 200 people
b) An extravaganza for a gathering of 1500 people
“Many new hotels are opening up every year in Dubai like the recently launched Caesars Palace for example, which are ideal for a private wedding. However, if we had to name a few of our favorites, they would be the W Hotel on the Palm, Burj Al Arab & The Four Seasons. To answer the second part of this question, I would choose Asateer Tent at the Atlantis, The Palm. Being a property that has the experience of managing large events, this iconic venue will surely make the wedding memorable. It also has a large inventory which makes it perfect for a destination wedding too. Situated at the tip of Palm Island Dubai, this venue will make your large-scale wedding a memorable one for your guests.”

The Big Night

4. What elements of Middle Eastern culture can couples incorporate into their wedding for that local, regional flavor?
“Entertainment is key here! To bring your celebrations to life, it would be wise to infuse the local culture through the source of entertainment. Inviting a Zaffa band, for example, is a great way of making the experience special for your guests and the same can be said for an elegant belly dance performance. Since the couple will be inviting their loved ones to a desert land, offering entertainment through live sand art would be a good idea too.”

The Big Night
The Big Night

5. Is there any property in Dubai where you haven’t planned a wedding yet but would love to do so?
“We would love to host a wedding at Level 100 of the Burj Khalifa, which is a venue that covers the entire floor. It offers spellbinding views, and the address in itself is a noteworthy one. It would also be amazing to host a wedding in any of the beautiful desert properties especially if a couple were to have a sunset ceremony and could witness the arid landscape be bathed in shades of red and orange as they took their vows.”

The Big Night

6. If you were planning a celebrity wedding, whose would it be? Which Middle Eastern Destination would you choose? And what are the three things that you would have at the event?
“Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga! It would be amazing to plan their weddings in the middle of the desert or on The World Islands in Dubai. Another very unique location that would make for a wonderful spot to host the wedding of icons like them is the Love Lake Dubai. Taking inspiration from Tomorrowland, the three things we would have would be colored smoke bombs with lots of floating fabric, the star arriving on a hot air balloon with her long dress sweeping over the side and large dense gardens of oversized flowers. ”

The Big Night

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