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Wedding preps for women on-the-go

Angelica Tara, a Delhi-based Copywriter shares some cool at-work tips for brides-to-be. She has won a gift voucher for a Signature Face Therapy@ Kaya Skin Clinic.

So you’re getting married soon. You’re at work, preparing a presentation but are constantly interrupted by co-workers who are ‘so happy’ that you’re getting hitched. AND you’ve probably experienced your snaky (read crafty) boss’ hint about whether or not you’d continue working in the same office. So what’s next, you ask yourself. You madame, you’re next! Yes, you! When & how do you take care of yourself amidst a 9 to 6/8 job? This article might make things easy for you but-but-but first promise yourself that you will not shy away even if nosy colleagues poke you. Ready? Here we go –

Keep a bottle of water on your desk– you’ve heard this several times before but I’m repeating it—water is the biggest boon. Gulp down H2O for glowing skin.

Stock up on nuts & fruits– Give nosey colleagues a miss and sneak in on healthy snacks.

No new creams– avoid new creams unless prescribed by someone you trust immensely.

Yes you can trim your nails – What are artificial nails for?

Don’t ignore feet – Don’t cringe while wearing socks

Hair care – Don’t oil your hair if you don’t want to but keep your tresses clean and dandruff-free (sounds easy but isn’t)

Don’t change your diet drastically – No one can work merely on salads so eat all you want but control is the byword here.

• And lastly, love a lot & laugh a lot!

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