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WeddingSutra turns Twelve: WeddingSutra Founders Speak

When you spend twelve years in an industry that’s probably as old, there is no dearth of fun and excitement, tensions and challenges. Each day at WeddingSutra has been a phenomenal learning experience. As we celebrate another milestone, over the course of this week and next, some of the most respected names from the world of beauty, fashion and media, will share their memories and experiences of working with us.

Chasing their Entrepreneurial Dreams: Parthip Thyagarajan and Madhulika Mathur

We are kicking off the celebrations by sharing our valuable experiences and some advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. What makes us tick, how did we survive the downturn, and why is chasing your entrepreneurial dreams still so underrated.

Enjoy what you are doing

Don’t go after a business idea because it will pay your bills. Being an entrepreneur is a huge amount of hard work, you will be spending a good part of your day with it, so you had better enjoy it immensely.

Follow your heart

Surround yourself with good mentors, listen to their advice, hear what your customers are saying but follow your heart. Pretty much in line with what the world’s most successful entrepreneur, Steve Jobs, said. “Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And more important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”


When you launch your business in times of economic crisis, running it cost-effectively gets entrenched in your DNA. And this principle has guided us through all the ups and downs of internet and media industry over the last decade.

Building the Market

You can’t wait for the market to mature.  In the first few years, we were not only marketing WeddingSutra or weddings we were also selling the concept of advertising online. The advertising agencies and media buyers knew how to evaluate other mediums. As much as they love your business and storyboards, bottom line was Internet was new and scary. We had to sell internet as an advertising medium to them.

Pick your Business Partner well

It’s worked incredibly well for us, but mostly because we bring very different skills to the table. It is not that we don’t butt heads but mostly it’s a complete respect for each other’s ability. In the early days, when everyone’s doing everything, there are likely to be more disagreements. But if you can get through that with trust that you are in business with a very smart person, very soon the roles will get more defined.  So pick your business partner carefully. Someone, who shares your values, vision, passion; has financial stability; and brings completely different skills to the table.


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