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Why is everyone giving you “Beauty Advice”?

By Rod Anker
Experts are always giving you Beauty or Hair advice; why you should follow Routine X, use Product Y or spend on Service Z. So what do you hear when you interact with a Beauty or Hair expert? Quite likely you’ll be told “your hair is rough”, “your scalp is too dry” or “your skin needs urgent help”. Frankly, I believe such ‘negative’ remarks (bordering on insult) do not help sell or a build rapport between the so-called experts and their clients; in fact they do the exact opposite.

I am the Creative Director at kimrobinson, an international brand that is known for excellence in hair, for making people look and feel the very best they can be. We don’t tell our clients or the media whose hair we do, which VVIP just came in to our salon; such information, we believe, makes no difference to you. If we meet, I’ll obviously not talk about my Celebrity clients or what I do with their hair. Nor will I tell you what is wrong with your hair, scalp or style or what you should buy. I will tell you to continue doing or using what has worked for you, and advise on the things you or we can do to improve what we already have to get a better result.

We are a premium brand, with the best products, the best staff and the best service- but we also believe we don’t need to sell a premium product every time a client visits us. In fact I believe many people have too many products in their shelves. If there is a need I will be the first to let you know. Sometimes small changes and small alterations make a big difference. So remember, regardless of what so called ‘experts’ say or recommend, time-consuming treatments or premium products are not an essential ingredient of ‘looking fashionable’ or ‘feeling beautiful’. What is more important is being happy with what you have, and making the most of it!

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