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Why so many Shaadis take place at Sheraton Hua Hin

Ask any Indian wedding planner what comes to their mind when they think of Sheraton Hua Hin, Thailand and they’ll say ‘lots of Indian weddings happen there’. Most affluent Marwaris from Kolkata would have attended atleast one celebration there, while Sindhi NRI’s may know atleast one person who has got married there. Sheraton Hua Hin celebrated their fifth anniversary in grand style, and since they set up in 2008 they have hosted over 50 Indian weddings- some intimate, and some extravagant. Popular Dubai based Wedding Planner, Rimjhim chose the resort for her daughter Shradha’s destination wedding in 2010, and she has executed many other weddings there. According to Rimjhim, the resort’s big strength is their ability to be flexible and accommodating when it comes to specific shaadi requirements. Plus the different spaces they offer for different celebrations, “it’s something most Indian clients want”, she explains adding “and Sheraton Hua Hin have a fantastic banquets team who understand just what we want”.

Shaadis with a Thai Touch

Bangkok-based Wedding Planner Nipunika Singh tells us more: “I have managed weddings all over Thailand, but the first venue almost every client, be they from Singapore, Hongkong, India or Dubai ask about is Sheraton, Hua Hin. They may consider Phuket, Khao Lak and Bangkok, but not without checking on the availability of this contemporary resort style property in Hua Hin.”

Floral Magic

Moulin Rouge, a popular theme for parties at the nightclub Black

The typical size of a wedding party is between 100 and 500, and besides India the maximum wedding clients are from Hongkong, Dubai and UK. Typically the welcome party, mehndi celebrations and pheras take place at one of the lawns by the pool or the seaside. The Grand Ballroom is usually the venue for the sangeet, and the post-celebration party is at the nightclub- Black. While they have chefs who specialize in Indian food, some wedding planners prefer to bring their own cooks from Kolkata, Mumbai or Delhi for preparing desi khana, while the resort’s own chefs whip up a spread (quite often vegetarian) of Thai, Japanese, Italian, Lebanese, Chinese and Mexican specialities. A few well-heeled Indians may complain they have been to Sheraton Hua Hin more than once, and wouldn’t want to go to the same venue for a destination wedding again. But from what we visualise, the resort and their teams several strengths will ensure that their business from Indian weddings will only grow in the years ahead. As Nipunika quips: “Sheraton, Hua Hin has got the wedding formula just right, and many wedding clients may prefer a tried and tested venue instead of an all-new venue”.

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Elegant and intimate, grand and extravagant affairs at Sheraton, Hua Hin

Here, you’ll see grooms arriving on an elephant, vintage car, decorated buggy car, tricycle or horse.

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