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With WeddingSutra on Location- Ankita Popat

Last month, as part of our new initiative ‘WeddingSutra on Location’ we invited three brides-to-be for a unique experience at JADE (by Monica and Karishma), the fashion studio in South Mumbai. Starting with a Style Consultation, a Makeover and a Photo shoot, each of the three participants got to interact with some of the best names in Bridal & Wedding services on how to create their Wedding Day Looks. Here, in the first of the three-part series, bride-to-be Ankita Popat blogs about her experience.

“From the moment I walked in to Jade I felt very welcome and comfortable. I was pleased to meet the WeddingSutra team in person, since I have been following their Facebook page www.facebook.com/weddingsutra for so many months. They introduced me to the three specialists they had invited for this event, well-known Stylist Nisha Kundnani, Makeup Artist Amrita Sanghavi and Candid Photographer Dev Purbiya. The session start with a consultation with Nisha Kundnani. What I loved most about her is the time she spent to understand my tastes and styles. While talking to her I didn’t feel I was having a ‘consultation’, it was all so relaxed and her sense of humor put me at ease. Nisha shared a lot of tips on what I should remember while shopping, and what suited my body type and skin tone- the colors, the embroidery styles and the silhouettes.

For the photo shoot– Nisha recommended a purple and pink lehenga with a gold blouse after which she helped me choose jewellery- we chose a gold beads necklace set embellished with petal-shaped designs. Post the selection of the outfit and jewellery began my consultation with Amrita Sanghavi. Since I don’t use makeup on a daily basis, I didn’t know what to ask Amrita, but as we began talking I had so much to ask her, the time period to talk was short though, since she had to do my makeup and hair before the scheduled photo shoot. Amrita then began her magic, I didn’t ask her much about what she was using, I was sure she knows what suits me best. When I was ready, I looked at the mirror and I smiled, happy that what I saw in the mirror was a ‘very stylish me’.

Next was the much awaited photo shoot with Dev Purbiya. His warm attitude made me feel confident and I looked up and posed. After the first ‘click’ I was excited, I couldn’t wait to see the photos, and show them to my fiance and parents.

Every time I think about the day, there’s just one word which comes to my mind ‘Pampered’. I felt so pampered that day.”

If you’re getting married this year and would like to be a part of ‘WeddingSutra on location’ write (weddingsutra@gmail.com) to us with your name, contact no and wedding date. Three lucky winners get a complete ‘Bridal Wardrobe Look’ consultation on how to pick the wedding outfit complimentary to your body type and personality and experience the look you prefer with a trial makeup and photo shoot in the makeup look.

Location and Date- To be decided (Mumbai)

Ankita’s Look

Outfit- JADE (by Monica and Karishma)
Jewellery- Azva
Wardrobe Consultation & Styling- Nisha Kundnani
Makeup & Hair- Amrita Sanghavi
Photography- Dev Purbiya

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