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Young and Inspiring – Jewellery Designer Sajil Shah of Sajjante

In our new series ‘Young and Inspiring’, we interact with young talent from the fashion and events domain whose job involves helping couples plan their celebrations of love. Here, young jewellery designer Sajil Shah of ‘Sajjante’, whose vision is to create hand-crafted timeless pieces of jewellery invites us to reveal his treasures at his newly-opened studio in Kemps Corner, South Mumbai.

Sajil Shah- 1

Q) Tell us more about your journey and your collection
My family has been in the diamond manufacturing business since long and I went to Florence, Italy to study at the different specialist jewellery schools there. The city with its heritage, history, and culture has always been an inspiration for me as an artisan and I imbibed these influences while training with some of the best goldsmiths in the world. Sajjante’s jewellery is a culmination of European hand making techniques and Indian mogul inspired jewellery design. We have revived traditional European processes, currently practiced in very few workshops around the world, to create unique pieces of jewellery with the perfect blend of timeless and contemporary.


Q) What stirred the interest to set-up a stand-alone store in Mumbai?
Sajjante was founded in September 2011 and we have got a very encouraging response since. When we decided to set up the stand-alone store the goal was to create a space where customers can walk in and view some of the creations displayed like works of art. They are then guided to a room inside to view the rest of the collection.

SAJJANTE- Store (2)

Q) What is your favorite piece you’ve created till date– and what makes it so special?
The ‘Strawberry Earrings’ in my collection is till date my favorite. They are a pair of delicate diamond earrings in which rose cut diamonds are faceted and re-cut to layer into a formation to resemble a life-like strawberry.

Q) What kind of person do you see wearing your jewellery?
Sajjante was born to satisfy the niche demand of those with a taste for art and a passion for jewellery. When a customer walks in, I want them to look at it as pieces of art, more than an investment. And while some of them may be clear about what they want e.g. a necklace I want them to look at everything and be intrigued by it.

Q) What pieces from your collection would you recommend for a Cocktail or a Wedding brunch, where the bride is wearing a contemporary or fusion ensemble?
Ear clips and handcuffs are jewels that would complement a bride in a contemporary/fusion outfit and are the latest in terms of bridal jewellery trends too.

Q) As a designer, where do you draw your inspiration? 
It may sound cliché, but I cannot be more genuine when I say I am inspired by every single thing I see, do, hear and experience.

Q) How would you define your design aesthetic? What excites you about designs/innovations in jewellery right now?
It is funny but innovations actually involve going back and drawing inspiration from traditional jewellery design and techniques that have almost become extinct due to the mass nature of the industry. Reviving these techniques into current forms is what I find most exciting. So clean organic forms, with a blend of the old world charm and contemporary style, is what enthuses me most.

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