Young and Inspiring – Wedding Invitation Designer Sonal Aggarwal Jolly of Turmeric Ink

Our series ‘Young and Inspiring’ presents the newest talent powerhouses from the worlds of design, fashion and events who are raising the bar and setting trends as they conjure up dream weddings.

Sonal Aggarwal Jolly is the founder of Turmeric Ink, one of the most sought-after wedding stationers. This dynamic entrepreneur started making a name for herself in 2011 with her clever designs that mixed indigenous ideas with contemporary style to create wedding invitations, the likes of which no one had seen.

Turmeric Ink

Today, Turmeric Ink is a well-established name but continues to be a bold innovator whose cutting-edge work inspires a slew of designers.

Sonal Aggarwal Jolly tells us about her journey.

1. What were your initial steps into the field of wedding invitations? How did Turmeric Ink take form from a concept to a company?
The print and design industry never stops evolving. There is much to learn every day. Before I entered the industry, observing from the outside, I realized that the traditional framework left little scope to process revolutionary ideas. I decided to create a design consultancy with a global outlook – a high-end design and print shop – and that is how Turmeric Ink came into existence in 2011.

Turmeric Ink
Turmeric Ink

2. How would you define your design aesthetic?
Intricacy is intrinsic to India and India is intrinsic to us. We believe that our country’s traditions inform the richness and complexity of our aesthetics. We believe that elegance is not just the absence of clutter; it comes from finding that one true note of a maestro and building an orchestra to support it. We are unafraid to say that opulence is beautiful. We’re unapologetic in our love for detail. We’re unabashedly UnMillimilistic.

Turmeric Ink
Turmeric Ink

3. How much do trends influence your design process at Turmeric Ink?
We don’t really pay much attention to trends, after all, if ‘bright and blingy’ is in, but not to your taste, what’s the point of adhering to the trend. Having said that, a client’s desires are what defines our design process because invitations reflect the ethos and style of a family. However, we do believe that a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and everything about it needs to transcend time, including the invitation. It should look just as stunning decades later as it looks today.

Turmeric Ink
Turmeric Ink

4. Do you have a favorite among the wedding invites you’ve created? Any interesting story you’d like to share that inspired the design?
Every one of our creations is so unique, it may be impossible to pick one over the other. However, one of our most interesting design journeys was when we were approached recently, by a family who wanted an illustration of Tirupati incorporated into their invitation. While they wanted a classical image, they were looking for a unique take on it and a sense of grandeur conveyed without the use of too many colors. In addition to this, they needed 5 avatars of the invitations because each family member wanted to send them out with their own names and wanted their own touch to those. And finally, they wanted us to use some particular elements that would form the basis of the décor at the venues to create a common aesthetic.

With this brief, we created an extremely intricate line-style illustration of Balaji, foiled on a custom 3D sculpted background in different textures. We used different base textures and varied some sculpting details on the base to correspond with each family member.

The five bases were…

– A wooden textured base for the invitation from the parents
– A Jaisalmer stone textured base from the groom’s elder brothers
– A marble textured base from the father’s sister
– An oil painting base from the groom’s sister
– A completely different invite that borrowed the tree and bells from the other cards from the couple themselves.
This set of invitations was a challenge to the design team but the result was amazing! The family was extremely thrilled and we forged a long-term relationship that goes beyond just the wedding cards.

Turmeric Ink
Turmeric Ink

5. What’s your advice to couples looking for a wedding invitation designer?
Anyone can follow a basic brief, throw in some personalized content and call it customized. Customization isn’t personalization. It’s about discovering a couple’s stories and finding their unspoken dreams and desires, investing time, energy and heart, interpreting abstract aspirations and making them tangible. Find a wedding invitation designer who can do that for you.

Turmeric Ink
Turmeric Ink

6. What’s your favorite part of the job?
I would say that this job feeds my creative soul and that’s what I love. At Turmeric Ink we try out new ideas, push limits, invent new printing techniques, use software that no one would have thought of using for design, read, browse and above all, stay inspired. It feels great when clients call us to tell us about all the compliments they received for their wedding cards!

Turmeric Ink
Turmeric Ink

7. Complete the phrase: I can’t work without my….
TEAM! I have a team which brings together the clients’ vision, works tirelessly, is happy to innovate and take on new challenges. My design and production teams together make Turmeric Ink a reality.

Turmeric Ink
Turmeric Ink

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