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1 Heer Da Hero: Garima and Abhineet’s Wedding Film

Garima and Abhineet’s wedding film by MM Studio beautifully captures their proposal story too. The long time friends tied the knot at the Grand Plaza Sapphire in Moti Nagar, New Delhi and Gaurav Malhotra of MM Studio chose a Punjabi title to add a touch of tradition to the film. “The couple are Sikh/ Punjabi- ‘1 Heer Da Hero’ means Ek Heer Ka Ek Hero.”

Gaurav tells us about how the entire wedding film experience was special thanks to the magical proposal which is the highlight: “Every moment spent with Garima and Abhineet left me with so many insights on love and relationships. The conversations and captures before the wedding were emotion-filled, while the wedding day was pure fun, in fact all of us laughed so much it didn’t seem we were at work. And that is the best part of the filming a special couple’s wedding.”

Film Courtesy- MM Studio

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