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10 Memorable Wedding Designs

In Conversation with Vikaas Gutgutia of Ferns N Petals

Vikaas Gutgutia entered the floral business in 1994 with an aim to offer the highest quality domestic and exotic flowers to Indian consumers. With his persistent efforts and desire to create an exceptional brand, he brought a new edge to the flower gifting culture in India. He is the mastermind behind Ferns N Petals Group encompassing FNP Retail, FNP E-commerce, FNP Weddings & Events, Floral Touch, BAQAA FNP, FNP Gardens, FNP Floral Design School, FNP Select and WDH (Wedding Design Hub).

To celebrate 20 years of being in the business, Vikaas Gutgutia and Ferns N Petals released a coffee table book featuring some of their works to inspire the wedding community. On this special occasion Vikaas Gutgutia shared with the WeddingSutra team, his company’s most memorable design assignments, some of which will remain his personal favorites.

Zen Theme

crop 1-horz

Designed by Shikha Thareja, this combination of structures and florals created an ideal setting for cocktails. The idea was to showcase a jewellery theme. Carved wooden boxes, lit from within, had chain designs draped across them, and were dotted with many glittering Swarovski crystals. A modern living room layout was also designed with different armchairs and sofas, off-set with golden conical lamps, crystals and other jewel-like accessories.

The opulent carved dome, florals and cascading curtains were specially designed by Shikha Thareja for Arti Singhal of Bhushan Steel. The idea was to have an event with a palatial and grand feel.

crop 2-horz

The wooden dome was 18 feet in diameter, and used mirror mosaic along with hand-carved paisley designs in painted Styrofoam with detailed carving which looked as though it was made of wood or stone. Flowering drapes made of net were interspersed with floral strings. The ornately carved couch was accentuated with kundan, polka and flowers. One of the most impressive elements of this event was the gargantuan scale at which everything was created– both in size and in the level of detail. Pillars were carved, the couch was specially created along with lamps and other details. The carvings were highly intricate and time consuming to fabricate and the walls included velvet panels embroidered with pearls and zardozi.

Turkish Delight
For a Turkish theme event designed by ace designer JJ Valaya for Subhadra Jindal- jaali arches were created just two days before the function. To avoid a heavy and clumsy finish, every layer was a different size and proportion.

crop 3-horz

All the decor elements worked in perfect synchronicity. Each aspect was a special style statement, be it the Turkish inspired rope chandelier suspended from the driveway, to the life-size whirling dervish puppets, specifically created by expert craftsmen for the occasion.

The ceiling of the lobby, on which fairy lights were strung under fabric to add a bit of magic, were festooned with Turkish  lamps, tying this theme together beautifully at every level.

The elegance of the event was further enhanced by the fine dining restaurant feel of the dining area and the minimalist, luxurious use of only tulips in the floral arrangements. The fusion of classic and modern furniture lent a unique touch to this sophisticated event which also saw the use of fairy light pots, creating a contemporary feel to the lighting.

The Live Wall
A live wall replicating the ripple effect of waves was specially crafted for a showtime events function.

crop 4-horz
Several mock ups of this wall were created before finalizing the different kinds of leaves as well as the quantities of leaves which were eventually used. The idea was to create layers of gradations from dark to light to dark again, much like the movement of water. It took two days for our finest floral kaarigars to make this 100 ft x 20 feet wall, using a variety of leaves in different shades of green, working against time with the added challenge of maintaining the freshness of the leaves. Inside, the finest imported flowers were used to create spectacular arrangements and props for the function.

Bling! Bling!

crop 5-horz

For these celebrations we showcased the use of crystal in different ways. The entrance at one event had an equal mix of crystals and LED embedded sheets. In another function crystal balls of varying size hung from floral chandeliers.

For this function, a huge central abstract form of an amoeba was made with thousands of ball crystals, assembled manually in just two hours, with Swarovski crystals embedded in the wall painting as well.

The stunning Rajnigandha flower chandelier suspended from fabric lambs created by JJ Valaya were the highlight of the dining area. Brightly colored floral arrangements contrasted beautifully against these delicate fabric chandeliers.


crop 6-horz

For this event zafri marigolds were used in different ways– to create frames, and wraps around a tree; the use of reflective surfaces and mirrors was also a key element to this event, including the glittering gold for surfaces coating the archways, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. The ceiling of the dinning area, made of canvas, was entirely hand painted.

The Lotus

crop 7-horz

Designed by JJ Valaya enormous carved panels were erected in the party area, visibly dividing the space into lounges and dining sections with dramatic table layouts and arrangements.


crop 8-horz

Passageways can transport guests to a different time and place. A passage with light emitting from every wooden log gave the effect of being in a club in Las Vegas. Another passage created out of the large, illuminated cubes stacked on top of each other gave the experience of walking through Times Square in New York.


crop 9-horz

In a theme named Melange created by JJ Valaya different shapes, colors, flowers and fabrics were used to create a unique atmosphere. With the hanging lamps, every layer was a different size.  Marigolds were used in a very contemporary format, including a massive chandelier at the entry of the venue. Subtle background colors were used to highlight the bright pops of color. The huge carved backdrop wall was inspired by the historic Al Hambra Palace in Spain.

The Drawing Room

crop 10-horz

This drawing room was created using different elements- Victorian inspired furniture along with Roman pillars and a balcony of cascading flowers offset beautifully against the delicately patterned wallpaper. The coffee table and the wall had similar carvings and the draping style used for the doorway was Victorian as well.

This theme was designed by Shikha Thareja keeping in mind the regal and dreamy ambiance the client wanted to recreate, using a delicate Princess with Veil as the inspiration, elements such as dainty crystal chandeliers, heavenly candles and fragrances, high carved columns and a pastel palette was created. The opulence of  Swarovski was also showcased in many elements at this set up.

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