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18 Wedding Plannings Tasks to Do while Social Distancing

If you are locked in at home during the coronavirus outbreak, there is no reason to lose your wedding planning momentum. In fact, there is no better time to focus on happier things, so download the WeddingSutra App and make the most of your spare time planning your dream wedding with our suggested tasks.

18 ideas to help you prepare a guest list and finalize your wedding look while making the most of your lockdown and social distancing!

1. Plan, Plan, Plan!
Whether you are locked down in the same house as your future partner or you are thousands of miles away from each other, this is a great time to sit down with your lists and plan everything down to the smallest detail. Establish your vision, priorities, shortlist vendors and strategize with parents. Rest assured, you will have everyone’s undivided attention during this time.

2. Go Virtual With Bridal Shopping
While there’s nothing quite as special as personally trying out beautiful lehengas in a designer store, this may be a great time to look for your dream outfits online. Take inspiration from our lehenga lookbooks. Also, browse through various designer websites to figure out which designs, colors, and silhouettes match your style.

3. Design Your Wedding Rings
If you are the one who has repeatedly practiced the art of going down on one knee for your romantic proposal or exchanging rings with your partner on your engagement day, then no ordinary design will do. Since you cannot go jewelry shopping at these times, look for references online and discuss it with your jewelry designer because your wedding band ought to be one-of-a-kind, just like your sweetheart.

4. Pick Decor Themes
Do you know who your best friends are at this hour? Hand sanitizer and WeddingSutra! After you’ve sanitized your phone properly, open the WeddingSutra app, check out Real Weddings for some wedding inspiration, and decide whether you want to go the traditional route, or keep things fresh and modern or maybe even go quirky? P.S. Don’t forget to bounce these ideas off your partner!

5. Create An Inspiration Board
If you don’t already have one, then create a Pinterest Board, and let your imagination and creative juices flow to perfect each event, from florals to centerpieces to the food menu.
Don’t forget to follow WeddingSutra on Pinterest for inspiring details to pick for your wedding. Its bustling with exciting ideas for your wedding inspo!

6. Personalize Your Invitation Cards
Have you ever received an invitation card that made you RSVP right away?
If yes, it’s time to create your wow-worthy wedding cards with a personalized message and a welcome hamper. Since you’ve already shortlisted the wedding month, location, outfit, and the theme, put those ideas into use and create a design with the help of invitation designers over a call, and incorporate all of the above in curating your unique invitation.

7. Create Your Own Charity Registry
Infuse some goodwill into your wedding by doing some charity for the needy by creating a charity registry on WeddingSutra. Given the vast amounts of money spent on weddings each year, a shift from conventional gifting to a charity organization is sure to start the new ritual of ‘Giving’ in your marriage. A great way to introduce all to the ‘Spirit of giving’, you will also be involving your guests in doing their bit for the society and the underprivileged.

8. Shortlist Your Vendors
If you’re still in search of vendors, check out WeddingSutra Favorites for an extensive curated list of the best wedding professionals, ranging from planners and caterers to makeup artists and photographers across the country. You will find all the information you need in one place: you can scan their websites, scroll through their social media pages and look at their past weddings. Talk to them over a call or video conference and discuss all your ideas and visions.

9. Strategize With Your Wedding Planner
Get on a video conference call with your partner and your planner, and discuss the new game plan. If you have zeroed down on an idea, discuss with them how you can incorporate it into your wedding and be open to their opinions too. Having all the plans in place will provide a sense of relief of things coming together clearly when your big day arrives.
It helps to have everything in place, way in advance.

10. Pick Your Wedding Cake
If you’re a hardcore fan of baking shows, we won’t be surprised if you already have a flavor and design idea in mind – Chocolate cake with white fondant, red velvet three tiered cake with a cute couple topper, a garden themed cake with floral and fruits display, an ombre cake with hand-painted details, metallic accents, a textured cake with glazed toppings or a sculpted cake, and how about salted caramel for the flavoring, which is the current hot favorite for cakes! If you still aren’t sure which flavor and design to go with, check out Pinterest and YouTube for a plethora of ideas and send references of your choice to professional wedding cake bakers in the meantime.

11. Save a Mehndi Design
While you are busy scrolling through your Instagram feed in your free time, double tapping all the pictures, it’s time to skim through beautiful henna designs for reference. Follow the talented mehndi artists in town and save the images that you like best. Apart from the patterns, you could also lookup for quirky quotes, song lyrics, or one-liners that best describe your love story to add to your henna design.

12. Shop For Your Wedding Favors
Now that you’ve spent most of your time at home, daydreaming about the wedding, make a list of gifts to be purchased for bridesmaids and groomsmen as wedding favors. Since all your loved ones have got your back in these crucial times, find something that reciprocates their support with a gesture from the bottom of your heart.

13. Practice For Your Sangeet Dance Performance
If you’re dreaming of wowing your guests and your to-be-hubby with some groovy ‘thumkas’ (dance moves), then it’s time to put on your dancing shoes and be your own choreographer. Take inspiration from our wedding playlist and perform before an imaginary audience. Don’t forget to record it all on your phone to memorize the steps for the final performance at your Sangeet night.
Brownie points for all brides-to-be as it doubles up as home workout goals too!

14. Finalize Your Wedding Hashtag
Let’s all agree, incorporating a wedding hashtag is almost as important (and fun!) as injecting instagrammable elements into your big day. If you’ve spent countless hours browsing through random wedding hashtag generators online, it’s time to get a pen and paper and put on your thinking hat. Need an extra hand? be a part of our WhatsApp community, and get some help from our experts!

15. Write Thank You Notes
Practice makes a ‘Thank You’ note perfect. Since your wedding is now a couple of months away, you have plenty of time to personalize your Thank You notes. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just make it heartfelt for your loved ones to take back with them after the wedding.

16. Follow a Strict Workout Regimen
Dear brides, if you’ve always applied the formula of buying clothes a size smaller, to wear when you finally lose the stubborn weight, and get that slim toned bod, this is the right time to action it. Exercising regularly will not only ensure a healthy mind and body but will relieve you from pre-wedding jitters. Do your stretches, spot-jog, lift some weights, indulge in some Yoga or take an online class, and always remember to maintain a healthy diet to boost your immunity.

17. Make a Wedding Guestlist
To make this task less cumbersome for you, we’ve come up with an easy solution. Start by creating a list under different categories such as A – All relatives, B – Best friends, C – Coworkers, and D – Don’t know. Scroll through your personal as well as your family’s entire contact list and social media friend list to add names against each category. Once you have a rough idea, you could either add more names or do away with the ‘Don’t Know’ list, based on the number of guests you wish to have at your wedding.

18. Shortlist Honeymoon Destination
If you’ve always dreamt of a month-long honeymoon but cannot finalize the dates yet, you can always shortlist the holiday destination first, by reading blogs and discussing with your partner. Try and opt for a luxury vacation in India (given the current situation) instead of overseas travel by doing your research through informative blogs, reviews, best places to visit, luxury hotels to stay in, and the best cuisines to try.

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