5 Reasons Why Amazon Gift Cards Are The Wedding Presents You Have Been Waiting To Hear About

In the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, a young Rebecca Bloomwood talks about ‘Magic Cards’ a title, that we think gift cards from Amazon can easily claim all rights over. Amazon Gift Cards bring back the joy in gifting. They’re better than cash because you make sure that your loved ones treat themselves instead of letting the money just accumulate in their lockers; and if you’re looking for additional perks – Amazon even lets you schedule your email gift cards for a future date or choose from its collection of occasion-specific physical gift cards!
Still wondering what makes them truly remarkable? We’re here to give you the lowdown.

1. Match Their Mood
Amazon offers everything one could want, be it an extra set of tableware or appliances to outfit their new lives. By gifting them an Amazon gift card, you give them a choice of picking out what they need the most, thus making your gift so much more valuable. Let them chose things that truly make them happy and they are sure to remember you fondly every time they see it. Trust us, if there is one way that you can guarantee that your favorite couple loves what you give them, it is this.

5 Reasons Why Amazon Gift Cards

2. Present even when you are not
There are some occasions when you really want to be there for your friends and family, and weddings certainly are one of them. However, on the off chance that you cannot make it to their big day, you can still make your presence felt. Amazon’s e-gifting feature lets you email gift cards to your loved ones and offers you various designs to choose from. Pick a design that describes the couple the best, key in the amount and get gifting! And while we are on the topic of emailing Amazon gift cards let’s not forget that there’s no better last-minute gift out there than this.

5 Reasons Why Amazon Gift Cards
5 Reasons Why Amazon Gift Cards

3. An Open Sesame To A Voucher Wonderland
Just one Amazon Gift Card essentially opens a world of options for the newlyweds to choose from. It lets you select from over 125 other vouchers, such as Shoppers Stop, BookMyShow, MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip, Taj etc. This means that through Amazon the couple can not just order products, but even plan their honeymoon!

5 Reasons Why Amazon Gift Cards
5 Reasons Why Amazon Gift Cards

4. Easy and convenient for you and the couple
Pressed for time? Want to give your gift in person? Order gift cards that come in attractive boxes or with Greeting cards. These will be delivered to your doorstep which eliminates the need for you to include a visit to an outlet. But this is a convenience that isn’t exclusive to you and applies to the receiver as well. They can order the products online, at the time that suits them best, from the comfort of their home, instead of having to make time to drop by a store. Not only this, they can also avail offers on buying products using their gift cards. So here’s some food for thought – with the help of Amazon Gift Cards, you are not just giving your loved ones products but also the gift of time and convenience!

5 Reasons Why Amazon Gift Cards

5. Goodbye Stress
We’ve all been there. We ask our friends what present they would like to receive only to get an ambiguous response which leaves us caught a perplexing single player game of guess. Now, thinking of the perfect gift can come with a fair amount of apprehension especially when it is meant to celebrate one of the biggest days of their lives. It’s the one time when you really don’t want to give them something that makes you look like that person who didn’t know how to gift better. The solution you ask? Amazon Gift Cards.

5 Reasons Why Amazon Gift Cards

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