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8 Reasons Wedding Photographers are Switching to Nikon’s Z Series Cameras

Always on the move and constantly evolving, wedding photographers must achieve many feats. To make the task of capturing pristine emotions easier, Nikon, a global leader in optical engineering, has amped up their game by extending their Z series line of mirrorless cameras with two new flagship models, the Nikon Z 6II and Z 7II.

Nikon Z 6II and Z 7II

Rightfully dubbed “True Multimedia Powerhouse”, the Nikon Z 6II is a full-frame mirrorless powerhouse that knocks it out of the park with its incredible low light and video performance, which makes it perfect for wedding photographers who’re always on the move. The Nikon Z 7II, on the other hand, inspires awe with a superior 45.7-megapixel sensor, and next-generation 493-point autofocus that leaves nothing to imagination.

Giving you more of everything, these cameras have spurred award-winning Indian wedding photographers to make a switch, and here’s why!

Always in focus
“As a wedding photographer, we need to capture high-energy and action shots at a moment’s notice. And, during such instances, the Wide Area and Auto Area AF modes in the Nikon Z 6II are extremely helpful. With the Eye-Detection AF, I can easily capture playful and dynamic moments at the sangeet, haldi, and bridal entry! This feature allows me to set the focus on the subject’s eye while giving me complete freedom to create the photograph as I see fit. Moreover, its capability to focus in low light means that I don’t stress on perfect lighting conditions every time!”, says Ramit Batra from Ramit Batra Photography.

Nikon Z 6II and Z 7IIPhoto Courtesy: Ramit Batra Photography

Superior speed and resolution
“The Nikon Z 6II packs a punch in video capabilities as it shoots continuously in full resolution at 14 FPS, has a buffer 3.5 times larger than the previous generation , and is equipped with dual EXPEED 6 processors. These features when paired with its flawless autofocus abilities that consist of the Face-Detection and Eye-Detection, make Z 6II a powerhouse of a camera when it comes to shooting videos that accurately capture the essence of a wedding.”, says Ankita Asthana from WeddingNama.

Nikon Z 6II and Z 7IIPhoto Courtesy: WeddingNama

Fits perfectly in your hands
“Light and weatherproof, the ergonomic Z 6II is a delight to handle as it feels great in my hands. Plus, the colors remain true to life, the files look detailed and crisp which, in turn, results in videos that capture every smallest detail of the wedding!”, says Anupam Maurya of KnotsbyAMP.

Nikon Z 6II and Z 7IIPhoto Courtesy: KnotsbyAmp

Big on size and quality
“Rendering a 45.7MP image, the Nikon Z 7II gives a stellar performance in the photo resolution department! The sheer size of the image it produces allows me to make huge prints, album covers, and sometimes, even lets me fearlessly crop images without thinking twice about any quality loss due to size! Keeping this in mind, the Z 7II is now my go-to camera to capture dramatic pre-wedding photoshoots and couple portraits.”, says Ramit Batra of Ramit Batra Photography.

Nikon Z 6II and Z 7IIPhoto Courtesy: Ramit Batra Photography

Beat the darkness
“As wedding photographers, we often need to shoot indoors or in spaces where the lighting isn’t perfect. Equipped with high ISO and upgraded autofocus that detects the eye, the Nikon Z 6II is immune to bad lighting and gives me crisp results that look beautiful. It’s especially useful when I’m photographing a sundowner wedding where the couple is seated against the light with the sunset acting as the backdrop”, says Ashish Langade from Three Little Words.

Nikon Z 6II and Z 7IIPhoto Courtesy: Three Little Words

Keep track of moving subjects
“At weddings, keeping the focus on the bride and groom is a colossal task for us as there’s a lot of movement with guests exiting and entering the frame constantly. The Nikon Z 7II’s Wide Area AF, however, is a great way to keep track of your subject as it helps me set boundaries for Eye- Detection AF. This also makes it perfect for group shots where you’d want the bride and her whole squad to be in focus. And, since the autofocus performs incredibly well in low-light settings, this camera also captures candid moments on the dancefloor in stunning detail.”, says Ankita Asthana from WeddingNama.

Photo Courtesy: WeddingNama

Slow down time
“The Z 6II is a fantastic video camera that captures highly detailed video at 4K Ultra HD at 60p. Using the Eye-Detection AF and the 4K Ultra HD in tandem, I can effortlessly record sangeet performances or playful moments in slow-motion. Rendering crisp details, the slow-motion footage captured by Nikon Z 6II is incredibly smooth and creates wonderful memories that my clients love.”, says Aditya Marathe from WhatKnot Photography.

Add speed to your skill
“For wedding photographers a lightweight, easy to handle, and fast processing camera is a game-changer. Luckily, the Nikon Z 7II ticks all these boxes! With the Z 7II’s two EXPEED 6 processors, I can focus faster and capture spontaneous moments with ease. Additionally, I can also shoot continuously and experience less buffer time!”, says Aditya Marathe from WhatKnot Photography.

Nikon Z 6II and Z 7II
Photo Courtesy: WhatKnot

Cover edge to edge with a super sharp focus
“For a wedding photographer, it’s incredibly essential to have a reliable camera to capture every detail of the wedding. The Nikon Z 7II provides a 493 point hybrid Auto Focus system which allows me to have edge-to-edge coverage even while recording a video. It quickly identifies and locks into the eyes of my subject which results in sharp images!”, says Surya Singh of The Photo World

Nikon Z 6II and Z 7II
Photo Courtesy: The Photo World

Backup your data without a thought
“The Z 6II’s dual card slot is extremely helpful at weddings as it allows me to keep shooting without worrying about running out of space. Thanks to this feature, I can also separate video and still files in different memory cards as per my convenience!”, says Raj RJ of Wedding Photography by Raj RJ.

Nikon Z 6II and Z 7II
Photo Courtesy: Raj RJ

Capture every emotion effortlessly with the Nikon Z 6II and Z 7II. To learn more, click here.

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