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A Jazz-Inspired Pre-Wedding in Mumbai

Parthvi and Tej’s pre-wedding by WeddingSutra Favorite – Reflexion by Nishchay Shinde captivates with its charming vibe, compelling soundtrack and slow-motion flow. The couple took to the streets of Mumbai early on a Sunday morning as the city has played an important part in their love story. They painted the town ‘Black and White’ for their pre-wedding film whose pace is lovely and languid like a relaxing weekend.

The film captures the essence of South Mumbai with its iconic laneways, heritage buildings, and colonial architecture which serve as beautiful backdrops for the video. This evocative settings, paired with exceptional videography resulted in a glamorous and natural shoot as if Parthvi and Tej were on a real date and blissfully unaware of any cameras following them. Tej looks elegant in his white shirt, black trousers and black bow tie, while Parthvi reprises yesteryears glamor in her black -semi flapper-style dress and pinned back hair.

Through it all, the thread that ties it all together is the beautiful Jazz soundtrack called ‘Sunday Kind of Love’ by Etta James that perfectly complements the romantic moments that are rich with the palpable chemistry the couple share. The soothing soundtrack and smooth transitions make this film a multi-sensorial, magical delight, from the opening frames, capturing Parthvi waiting for Tej to the couple happily ensconced in each other’s arms in the end. Who says fairytales only have to be in color? This one is vibrant with emotions filling the black and white frames.

Videography: Reflexion by Nishchay Shinde

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