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A Wedding Anniversary Gift

Biju was looking for a very special gift for his brother Shiju and sister-in-law Jacqueline on their first wedding anniversary. So he decided to give them a pleasant surprise with a blog post featuring the beautiful memories of their Big Day (27th August, 2011). Here are the photographs of Shiju and Jacqueline’s wedding at Marthoma Syrian Church in  Chembur, Mumbai. The captions in the beautiful photographs tell you more about the traditions of a Kerala Protestant Weddings.

Groom is ready, the elders of the family bless him. Betel leaves and lime are offered to the elders as dakshina

Prayer led by the priest just before going to church

Mom and dad bless their son

The car is decorated

Wedding venue- MarThoma Syrian Church

Bride arrives

Bride is led by the brother

A funny moment

Priest conducts the marriage

Bride and Groom

Blessing the ring

Bless the chain and groom

Bless the bride

Groom ties the tali around the bride’s neck

Witness sign

The Reception Venue

Bride and Groom cut the cake

Bride + Groom thank everyone

The couple with the bride’s cousins

Portrait of the bride and groom

Bride and groom are offered milk back home

They drink the milk from the same cup

Mother of the bride hands over the bride to the mother-in-law

Photographs courtesy: www.bijuphotography.net

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