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An Engagement Shoot on a Hot Air Balloon- Guncha + Amit

It is truly heartening when we get emails from couples and photographers telling us how WeddingSutra motivated them to think outside the box for the pre-wedding shoot. Just married Arpita wrote in a few weeks ago: “I kept sharing photos from your album Pre Wedding Photography with my fiance and for someone who was terribly uncomfortable with the idea of a pre-wedding shoot, you won’t believe it, he actually turned imaginative after seeing what other couples did–  and we too had a fun and fabulous pre-wedding shoot”.


Cinematographer Vardaan Malhotra (of ‘Dilli Wale Weddings’) wrote to us about his shoot with Guncha and Amit. He tells us: “I wanted to do a pre-wedding shoot on a Hot Air Balloon for the longest time. Then I met to-be-weds Guncha and Amit, we got chatting about photography and their wedding plans and I knew this is the couple who could make my ‘up in the air’ dream come true. They are a fun couple with great chemistry and I visualised their amazing adventure on a hot air balloon. When I shared my idea, they were very excited and all set to fly! The key now was to find the right location. I traveled to Jaipur for the recce, to understand how Hot Air Balloons work and to find some really good camera angles to capture the balloon creatively. Since the take-off generally happens at 4 am, lighting I figured was an issue. And as soon as the balloon went up, it flew away thanks to the strong winds. And I chased it on car through the narrow muddy streets of Kukas (Jaipur). It wasn’t easy at all- my car got many dents but who cares about such minor irritants– I learnt so much and experienced so much excitement that day. Recce done now it was time for the real shoot up in the air. I am usually a little nervous before every shoot, but today I was more nervous. Some of my concerns- what if the wind took the balloon in the wrong direction where I would not be able to chase it on road. Moreover during the Recce, I was told that the launch site as well as the land site can differ depending on the direction of the wind. Land site could be a village where locals come near the balloon and it becomes difficult to take shots or it could be some other open space. But fortunately, it all went as planned and in the end I got some amazing shots. Certainly an experience to remember for the rest of our lives!










DILLI WALE Weddings in association with Sahib Biwi aur Camera
Skywaltz Skyxplorer
– Bride’s Outfit – Frontier Phagwara(Bazar/Raas)
– Groom’s Outfit – Gargee Designers by Ravi Gupta
– Bride’s Make-up & Hairstyling: Chandni Singh & Jyotsna Singh

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