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And it happened!

They never bothered about finding a common ground (well, there wasn’t much of that anyway). They did not wish to make a big deal out of it. And never did they think of brewing romance over it! These two individuals are very different from each other. As different as chalk and cheese; as different as bats and bees; as different as Mac and Windows; as different as columns and rows! Yet they blended seamlessly as a couple! Find out how…

The Wooing Stage

The usual stage when offerings are made, phone bills are at their peak, sacrifices are manifold and sleep is secondary.


The Courting Stage-
He always had lots to say. And she was a good listener.

She enjoyed her ‘Virgin Bird of Paradise’- he loved his Fosters.

She was a straight laced goody-two-shoes chica – He a Desi Munna Bhai Paprika!

She realized that he was a runner – always running late.

The romance was always twisted!

The differences did not end there…

She had a sweet-tooth; he was all for spices!

She was a true Marwari! He loved to splurge!

It took time, but the differences did polarize, and cupids started playing their game! Finally, they found some common grounds…


Salman Khan!

And they realized they loved to laugh together. And at the same things!

Even at their own differences!

And they loved pulling each other’s leg!

Finally, they were sure of taking the big plunge.

Their creative ‘Save the Date’ message

Photographs by- IfPixelsCouldTalk

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