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‘Being Comfortable with the Family adds to the Magic’

Naina Redhu always knew she had a keen eye for moments. Dexterous results in portraiture and event photography led to wedding photography- a fantastic combination of both. Says Naina on her new work space: “Tough lighting conditions, moments without warnings, long hours, and just one shot to get it right. It’s also about appreciating eccentricities and telling a beautiful story in the process.”

The trick believes Naina, is to get personally involved with the family as a member during the functions, and get to know the bride and the groom before the wedding. Says Naina: “Being invisible is not always easy, but being comfortable with the family adds to the magic.” She adds: “As a wedding photographer, what gives me incredible satisfaction is that not only do I get to capture the moments, I also get to influence those moments- if the couple and their family is comfortable, they can help produce magic, and the most traditional or formal ceremony can be made personal and memorable. And I love that. My personal favourite part of photographing a wedding is the candid couple shoot before or after the traditional ceremonies – it’s remarkable how much love one can capture in each image.”

From large-scale destination weddings to weddings for couples on a shoestring budget, there’s always something that can be done by Naina at Delhi based www.studioaside.com

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